The Celebrity COVID Thread!

C’mon, let’s play along, together:





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Ellen is interesting. After COVID hit, her show went to shit. Then she got all that bad publicity and he show has been hurting ever since, It has seemed off. She just doesn’t have that same happy, fun personality any more. She tries, but you can see something is off. Will be interesting to see how long she lasts.

Are we doing celebrities with Covid or celebrities who are idiots about Covid?

They are all idiots.

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What’s the deal with this guy; is he the same ginger YouTube dude that did humor videos?

Yeah, JP Sears. Funny dude. I wouldn’t say he’s a COVID-denier, but he is definitely in the not-likey-the-lockdown-at-all camp.

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Can we do celebrities we wished had Covid? do we have enough bandwidth?

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What sort of background does he have to be qualified to express an opinion on Epidemiology? The Swedes herd immunity experiment failed, and the rest of the developed world is making us look like idiot children by comparison with their fatality and infection rates.

Frankly I’m fucking tired of every asshole thinking his shitty opinion should matter on this. if these mouth breathing motherfuckers would just shut the fuck up and listen to people who spend their lives studying this kind of thing, we wouldn’t be getting weaker by the day and losing more Americans by the hour.


He’s a comedian, dude. He is thusly qualified to opine on anything that jiggles our bellies.

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If he has any influence over the opinions of others he also has a moral obligation to not abuse it through ignorance and get people killed.

There’s a clear line between being funny and misleading people. If Alex Jones claimed he was a comedian to give him some cover for his bullshit he’d still be as guilty for spreading it.

If people don’t understand he’s a comic, then they are fucking stupid, and deserve every death vector that comes their way. Why should that prevent him from telling jokes?

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Then, again, I though Colbert was actually a Republican, for a while.


Is he making fun of anti-maskers and other plague rats, or is he encouraging them?

That’s the difference.

He’s telling jokes.

The take-away is on the viewers, not on him.

I think we’re miscommunicating a bit. Grifters, abusive narcissists, and assholes in general use the “I’m just joking” or “it’s just a prank” defense to provide cover for their sincere views and actions.

If he’s not making it clear that he is mocking the people who refuse to adhere to public health guidelines, rather than supporting and encouraging those people (because they are his audience), he’s a fucking cunt too just like them.


It’s not like he had a serious platform and is telling jokes now just because 'rona. He’s a stand-up comedian. It is crystal clear to me that he’s telling jokes, albeit sprinkled heavily with his own flavor of civil disobedience. I don’t get why you have such a hard-on for this guy.

It has nothing to do with this guy specifically and everything to do with these assholes that are spreading dangerous misinformation.

If he is directly or indirectly convincing people not to adhere to public health guidelines, he is responsible for dead Americans. So yeah, fuck him and everyone like him.

  1. “Guidelines”
  2. As I said, before, people still make their own choices. Mostly. However, as COVID continues to turn into outright fascism, people are going to be rebellious. A little levity on that front is neither undesired, nor dangerous, with respect to the probable outcome of this shitstorm.

So which is it? Guidelines or requirements? If it’s requirements, dipshits are going to say it’s fascism. Without requirements, they’re going to keep running around spreading this fucking virus.

When people’s choices put other’s lives at risk, that’s no longer a matter of personal freedom. Your freedom to throw your fists around ends someone else’s face, and the same goes for your virus infected breath.

Speaking of throwing things around, fascism isn’t telling people they need to not breathe on other people in the middle of a pandemic. Has a specific definition, you are thinking of authoritarianism.

Fascism is specifically a right-wing, nationalist form of authoritarianism.

There are specific laws about STDs, in some places. I suspect that will be the test ground, if superspreaders go to court. But, are we now saying that you cannot interact with anyone, ever? That is the other side of the argument. 6 weeks to flatten the curve, remember? That was 9 months ago. We can cure everyone of the common cold, forever.

And it’s absolutely a nationalist thing. Our measures are to protect US, not the whole world. China is perfect.