Taco Bell having trouble sourcing basic key ingredients

Taco Bell having trouble sourcing basic key ingredients.

Whataburger, locally, is also notifying consumers of shortages.

These may seem like trivial concerns. They are not. We have leveraged just-in-time to the point of failure.

The larger crisis is that our fragile supply chain has been in a sort of death throes for over a year, now, exacerbated by lockdowns, political strife, and environmental conditions. We have a huge hurdle to clear, in order to maintain our previous way of life.


Look at the nationwide shortages of:

Bottled water
Motor vehicles

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Other reading, for your face.

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I forgot to mention ammunition.

Ammunition and chlorine have sort of a similar problem, actually. Manufacturing capacity was severely limited because of major closures in the industry - one due to multiple bankruptcies, the other due to a catastrophic fire. But, the tightening of availability of the verticals they need to overcome has certainly slowed down their recovery.

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Well what’s all this about then, eh?

That’s about gas (my guess).

You don’t want either.

This will be one of the biggest mistakes of Biden’s presidency.

Do you know the main reason, historically, why we get crude from the middle east? It’s not because it’s cheap, it’s because we have the technical ability and capacity to refine it.

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For people I know who work in logistics their jobs are becoming nightmares. So look out for more shortages and price hikes and the market shocks.

Also, I find it funny there is a paint shortage still going on partially because Texas wouldn’t winterize their electrical grid.

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It’s not really the grid that needed winterizing: it was the fuel supply.

Low Supply of Natural Gas: ERCOT planned on 67GW from natural gas/coal, but could only get 43GW of it online. We didn’t run out of natural gas, but we ran out of the ability to get natural gas. Pipelines in Texas don’t use cold insulation —so things were freezing.

–Dan Crenshaw, the one-eyed guy people love to hate.

Come, on, man, stick with the narrative.

Don’t worry

USA is too big to fail

It’s very sad so many people believe this.

Most of them have either led lives of luxury, or are still chasing the American Dream thinking rich Wall Street types will share it with them while they kill themselves with fast food.

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