Surfing the Discourse Cesspool — The Worst Fringe Takes on Social Media

Is that a typo? As revolver is mentioned twice.

No no, clearly a regular, non-assault revolver was also found at the scene. KCAL Los Angeles is a professional news organization that only hires the finest journalists and editors.

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Gotcha. So police are on the hunt for cactus jack and his 7 shot 6 shooter.

When was that posted?

"Do not trust anyone who uses the words “disinformation” or “misinformation.”
What they mean is “opinions that run contrary to mine that I should be allowed to suppress.”

  • Jordan Peterson

Actually, these are terms used by serious academics far more trusted in sciences he clearly never studied, which explains his propensity for bullshit.

That, and the cocktails of drugs he vaccuums up before posting on social media.

Just like Musk.

Yeah, but ever read the election papers? Thats exactly what they did with those terms.

Also, had you followed the civil war, which Im surprised you didnt, youd realize that Musk did the impossible. My team dealt mad damage to Antifa cybercommand, but only Musk was able to deal the type of damage we really needed. We are MUCH more likely to survive as a nation now.

I truly enjoy how you can turn bullshit into comedy. I really do.

Ala peanut butter sandwiches.

I was watching that old episode of Star Trek TNG last night when Riker’s dad shows up to brief him on his new command, and Anbo-Jyutsu was born.

Hard to believe that was 34 years ago. This scene is basically every conversation I ever had with my dad.

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What a racist. And she’s gatekeeping SUSHI. Thats not even black.

From a certain Halloween post. 6,000 comments later, the fully automated troll farm response is actually accelerating. The stupidity, geometrically so.

Brought to you by Https://

Don’t click this without using TOR and an up to date TDAP shot.

Uh trust me, froggy. Trust the plan…

This belongs here.


Worst possible take and there’s some bad ones.

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Candidate for dumbest red ellipse of 2023.

Another guy who can’t trim his fucking beard called her a terrorist. “You’re thinking of paragliding into what? Into Israel and shooting and killing people?” he told Sky News.

What is it with these guys and their beards? Is it wrong to want to take a pair of scissors and…


Eh, coulda been a dark joke.


Here we go. I was waiting a few days to let this fan out, but it’s pretty obvious at this point Musk is either trolling QAnon (the cult) or worse, is trying to win them over.

And apparently there is a new QAnon signal: violent, vengeful Santa Claus with a hammer.

I saw this once before a couple years ago (the militarization of St. Nicholas with respect to being a strategic QAnon symbol, namely “TrumpyClaus”), but after last year’s “Violent Night” with David Harbour, it’s gone full throttle. This is kind of how they work, even though it’s been years since someone using the Q code posted anything online, the cult still works various pop culture references into the conspiracy.

Here are just a few examples of “QAnon Influencers” at work, present day.