Sorudo: The "No Bullshit" Czech RBSD. Be the first in your country!

Imagine how strongly my heart beat when I got this exclusive offer (just for me!) in my otherwise quiet and boring daily Facebook ad injection (usually a mix of gifts for her, sleep apnea products, Jeep ads, and the occasional nerd/comic/anime thing).

I can sign up to be one of the lucky ambassadors of Sorudo! which (other than sounding like a Japanese puzzle game) from what I can tell is some sort of eastern European mix of Krav Maga, Systema, highly suspect knife fighting, and totally realistic* reality based self defense instruction complete with thick, meaty Slavic accents. That’s how you know it’s real.


Just for appetizers.

You read that right. This 11m video is just 1 of 4.

ITS JUST A GIRL (on drugs).

This has got to be some sort of parody…

Lazy meme guy says


Parodies are funny. Nothing about Sorudo is funny.

So far this is my favorite, just because nobody needed to make this video, but the Sorudo guys felt it required more than ten minutes.