So why bother with a forum at all when there's Facebook or Twitter, or *laugh* Parler or whatever?

I mourn the passing of the good natured troll

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For me, it seems like I’m talking to adults most of the time on a forum, you can agree to disagree but on social media there’s no agree to disagree. It’s almost always “I’m right you’re wrong”. I’m tired of liberal and conservative bullshit from most people.


On Facebook you are not held accountable for your lack of logic. When you call someone on it they start posting stupid gifs at you, block you, or disappear from the whole thread.

That’s what I like about forums.


No meaningful conversation can be had on facebook…at least in most cases though it does happen. Facebook fights are like street confrontations while the forums are more like fighting at the gym.


You should see some of the morons trolling Phrost and 3Moose on FB.

I don’t laugh much, but I do reading their walls, it’s like watching someone try to teach trigonometry, and having the students call you a liberal for doing so.


Trig was invented by the A Rabs, boy!

You’re thinking of al-jabr, but no.

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The A-Rabs invented Doofaloofa, amirite or wut?

Explain the bacon sandwich then, smart guy