Shitest fight scenes

Exhibit A, the garage fight from Devs

These two guys are supposed to be spooks. The ineffectual flailing was more reminiscent of a ninjitsu white belt introductory class

The coup de grace was equally unbelievable

Good soundtrack though

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To be fair spooks are civil servants who are known for their brains and not their brawn. It’s highly unlikely that they’ll be proficient at fighting so this is probably quite accurate.


Those letter openers can be deadly in the trained hands of a bureaucrat

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I liked that fight scene. This looks 100 times better than the stage combat way over done bullshit on network TV.

For example, shit like this is just painful to watch.

Basically any fightscenes from Season 1 of Agents of Shield or Agent Carter.

I remember the fight scenes and acting were so bad I couldn’t stand to watch the shows. I was so utterly disgusted by how bad SHIELD was on multiple levels. I’ll take two guys killing each other while they flail around like regular people who don’t know how to fight than a fight scene with 40 film cuts to hide the fact that the actors can’t fight at all. Like hiding a cow patty by brushing it under the rug in the middle of the room.

This garbage:

Holy cow, and THAT was supposed to be some kind of showcase???

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I am trying to remember a scene I saw once in a movie where some guy about to take part in a fight actually took off his necktie and tied it around his waist, like to show he was a black belt or sumthin’… Jesus, I feel stupid even typing it.

Spooks can’t fight. lol

A guy could probably make mad money around hollywood teaching aspiring actors how to not look like shit when they audition for a part.

Chloe Bennet in that red dress was kinda an effective distraction for me.
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A lot of JKD and Krav Maga people seem to have been cornering that market for a lengthy while now. Likely failing at the “not like shit” requirement.


That’s their GOOD demo. The one they wanted people to see.

Almost all of them are like that. I used to live in a big house when I moved out to OC/LA with mostly actors when I was a bachelor.

Some stunningly beautiful women and very talented guys but the stage combat workshops they went to or learned in college were all total fucking shit.

My experience is than even people who supposedly can fight or are legit martial artists rarely can choreograph an effective demo.
Because I did theater for many years (about 17 plays) and had decades of training across martial arts, people around here would often invite me to do demos at their martial arts events. I just showed up and gave some of their students some basic guidelines and told them to come at me. It worked much better than trying to choreograph something beforehand.
But it was mostly because I understood both the theatrics and the martial art bits, or thought I did.

When I realized I was promoting some aspects of bullshido with some of those demos, I shifted instead to doing short sparring bits with people I knew instead of any kind of “setup”.

Then they stopped inviting me because it ended up looking more like MMA sparring and that was a no-no.

But good fight choreography is a funny thing. The really effective stuff may not be what looks convincing. The flashy fake stuff can turn off disbelief.

If only some kind of long-running movie industry somewhere had dedicated much of its resources over decades to working out exciting movie fight choreography tropes…

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This is also my favourite fight scene.


That’s pretty bad but you got to consider the audience. I’d say never back down had some of the dumbest fight scenes, although I give props to some athleticism. It’s an MMA movie that get’s a lot of stuff wrong about MMA.

I don’t think I can name movie with actual good fighting in it. I could always name something they did wrong. I might be able to name a few movies that had a realistic vibe.

I know a few folks who teach actors fighting for film and work in movies to choreograph fight scenes. The basic challenge is that the director wants it to look dramatic and generally doesnt care all that much what “works in real life”. Those who fail to appreciate the director’s god like creative omnipotence generally dont work in film/tv very much …

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for the standard they should have been: iron fist

millions of cuts and shit choreography from the supposed best hand to hand defenders fighter AFTER what daredevil Season 1 delivered is a joke

edit: and then the shang-chi movie came out and made it look like even more of a joke

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What pissed me off is that Iron Fist began with a pretty good take on the original premise. I think the contrast of cultures had a lot of potential with Danny as a kind of quasi-Stranger in a strange land with kung fu instead of Martian powers, but jeez, how hard did it let us down.

exactly. There was so much they could have done with the idea, and it didnt pan out at all. Season 2 was a mild improovement over season one but that was mostly down to infinitely better side characters than Danny getting screentime.