Schools and Sexual content

Virtuous sex ed?
Inappropriate content?
What do you think?

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I heard a story where a school employee secretly gave a boy make up tips to totally nail that smokey eye look

Where will it end!

This is the serious thread section.

Not Shidoposting or Trollshido.

Maine laws permit a health care provider to accept a minor’s consent as valid and sufficient – without parental consent.

Which is why Legalism is stupid. In five years we will be having this argument because a MAP uses a new state law pushed by Queer Activists, and unironically “Libertarians”, to lower the age of consent to 8 or something ridiculous to have a relationship with a minor, and Libs will argue that their “consent” is legal.

Then perhaps post serious content rather than this bland, moral panic, BS

Rather than having an argument about the Conservative rapists right to prevent his daughter from aborting his incest baby 'cause god

Dude, you’re full of shit

The slippery slope goes both ways.

Forcing councillors to tell the parents could lead to disasters like kids getting home schooled.

You might not want to look too hard into what demographics experience the highest rates of childhood sexual abuse. They may be socially conservative, but they aren’t on the Trump Train.

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Don’t know about Maine law. Parental rights to raise their kids as they see fit, though, are very well established in the USA, with a lot of court precedent all the way to the SCOTUS.

But, let’s take a look at Maine law regarding parental consent for health care.

2.) Consent by minors for health care is allowed as EXCEPTIONS in Maine Law, from what i’m reading, similar to the COVID stuff I posted above.

So, minors can consent to health care without their parents or other legal guardians, under certain conditions, that are listed in the link I posted under 2.)

In general, parental consent is required in Maine, for minors to receive healthy care, including psychological/counseling services.

Again, there ARE exceptions.

So, not sure where you are getting that minors in general, can can consent to health care in Maine.

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But it doesn’t, in general. There are exceptions. I made a separate post about it.

Why are you trying to push this pedophile agenda so hard.

Wtf is wrong with you?

Home schooled kids do better on almost every academic metric.
If they participate in outside sports, or outside club activities, then it becomes close to every metric.

Home schooling is disastrous exactly how?

Depends… The socialization helps. Parents are not professional teachers, no matter the quality of material they are presenting.

Socialization helps a lot. Around here most home schoolers do NOT participate in school sports, or other activities.

Because a lot of the home schooling is religious-driven.

Doesn’t it always.

I pulled mine up from a link somewhere. I could probably hunt down the source.