Sam Browning Wrote a Book

It’s not about martial arts or anything, but about reaching people to get them to vote.

Here’s his description because the link preview seems borked:

“Political canvassing or door knocking is an art. Samuel Browning has knocked over 17,000 voter’s doors and pitched thousands of people. This book will teach someone who is not a natural salesperson how to persuade voters. It will also help a first time campaign manager organize their ground game. If you are knocking doors more then once, and are not an expert, this book will definitely increase your skills by teaching you easily learnable techniques.”

If you somehow don’t know who Sam is and how legendary the dude is around here, spend a few years reading our archives.



Thank you, still working on some of the details, I’d like to thank Scrapper for all of his help. Mrs. Scrapper drew the two maps in the book.

I didn’t mention it here but I ran for political office, got on the Norwich City Council for one term, and knocked a lot of doors and talked to a whole bunch of people.

The average campaign can’t pay much for canvassers, and there is a wide range of talent among volunteers so I wrote a book explaining how to pitch political candidates for people who are not natural sales people. I would estimate perhaps 10% of the population are such people and the rest of us aren’t

So if you have enjoyed stuff I’ve previously written the price of a Starbucks coffee gets you a view of a grass root of political campaigns.

Plus there is the story of when I went to PA to knock doors for Biden in October and early Novermber of last year. It was quite challenging.


There was one concept I imported into this book from my time on Bullshido.

Many martial arts have complex techniques which only the athletically gifted can use, or make work. You can find the same in sales as well.

The book contains techniques that are easy to use and easy to learn. I hate to sound like a Krav Maga or combatives commercial but there is some truth there. I also tell the reader where they can find some more complex techniques that are not taught in my book like the work done by the Learning Lab out in California.


Which Norwich, exactly.

Your top Amazon review is from “Phil Elmore”.

Norwich CT where I live.

Yup, showed a draft to Phil who when not being right wing, writes books himself. As does Scrapper, and John who also wrote a review.

Please feel free to review it yourself if you think there are any issues with the content of Mr. Elmore’s review.

No wonder the alt-right is upset about Mr. Potato being de-gendered. Judging by that picture, some people thought he was an aspirational figure.

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Huh, he gave Sam a good review. Neat.

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All I can say is Phil is a professional writer, and he provided some good suggestions. And by professional he actually gets paid to write things like Mac Bolan novels, as verses many in the crit lit crowd who sell 17 copies of their “great American Novel” if they ever get around to writing it. :slight_smile:

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Sure, but there’s a glaring grammatical error in the second sentence of that review.

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I had lunch in a cafe there once.

I hope you enjoyed it, do you remember the name?

I rely on Mrs. Rabbit for that sort of thing.