Rolling Stones runs flim flam article on Ivermectin poisonings

The Rolling Stone report about Oklahoma ERs being backed up by Ivermectin cases referenced a local report, which in turn referenced a local doctor.

The hospital the local doctor is affiliated with, not only refuted his claim, but indicated that he had not been at the hospital in months.

For extra fun, the original Rolling Stone article was matched with a picture of people standing in line from last January.

I wonder if I should take the piss out of the FB BS group about their multiple threads about that series of poorly supported claims of Ivermectin poisonings, or just leave them in ignorance about it.

I mean, what’s the point. They will still be ignorant tomorrow.

Here is the link to the hospital, where they posted a debunk message, about the affiliated doctor’s claim:

Apparently, Rolling Stone has now modified their article, with an “update”, avoiding the word “retraction”, and also changed the picture they put with the article.

But the way back machines still have their bullshit version archived.

Revised article:

Original article bullshit article, with bullshit picture:

Here is a screenshot of the Hospital refuting and debunking the doctor’s claim:

On the one hand, it is an easy debunk.
Many posters on the FB BS group have really ran with the Ivermectin scare stories and memes, unquestioningly, even though the reported spike in Poison Control calls was not accompanied by reports of increased fatalities, nor increased confirmed toxic events.
On the other hand, what is the point.
Many of the posters on that group seem very invested in remaining dumb as posts.
It’s not like facts are going to matter to them.


I gave up on the FB group ages ago. I debated someone for about a day, then ended up trolling because it’s such low hanging fruit.

If you’ve got the energy though, go for it.

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Rolling Stone is garbage journalism. Even the National Enquirer gets it right occasionally but that doesn’t mean anyone should pay attention to it.

Great photographers though. Really talented guys. I used to put those in my lobby to preload bad judgement in prospective clients. Only half kidding. In that town bad judgement comes pre-installed. At least it seemed that way.


I believe in their past they were a great source of information about rock music.

Didn’t they also do some good work concerning the war in Vietnam?

They probably don’t have near the ability they used too for attracting good journalists anymore. I don’t know anyone with a subscription.

I saw this come across on Twitter, right on the heels of that bullshit Patheos “satire” article about Joe Rogan getting his contract canceled by Spotify. Just goes to show the people who are susceptible to confirmation bias fall everywhere along the political spectrum.

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Good journalists are in short supply.

RS is shit for journalism. Good for lining the bottom of bird cages.

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I believe Hunter s Thomson, and PJ O’Rourke used to write for the magazine.

They were great writers and pretty good journalists I believe.


Rolling Stone has to journalism gone the way of Saturday Night Live to comedy.

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It’s also starting to make more sense why Gordon’s forum name used to be Gonzo now.




This was entirely the fault of every editor that passed through, should have been caught.


Unless I’m mistaken and you are fan of the Muppets?

Who doesn’t love a good chicken.

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As has been pointed out several times, recently, not all questions have mutually exclusive answers.

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BKR and Joe



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Guy on the right.

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Except Hunter S. Thompson lied brazenly in his articles. He wrote fictionalized versions of events that were part satire, part private joke and part whatever point Thompson was trying to make.

He was a great sports writer, but a terrible journalist in the sense that he cared much at all for sticking to the facts and delivering straight faced truth.

Gonzo journalism got it’s start in bold print lies that told a more interesting story than whatever he was covering. He was a pulp fiction humorist masquerading as a journalist.

Anyone who says otherwise, that say he was factual, just doesn’t know Hunter S. Thompson’s work or history no matter how much they may enjoy it.

There is Truth, and there are facts.
Even in the Pubs, they know that much.

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I think you get it. The man was spinning a continuous wild yarn containing an often poignant and sincerely felt nugget of philosophical truth.

Hunter S. Thompson was a one of a kind raconteur and the world is better off having had him in it.