Rabbit is a Fraud

Just so we’re clear. I don’t think he has any intention or ability to stop a single terrorist.

He does like crayons.


Prima posta or whatever it’s called.

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Why do you even care @Osiris ?

I was actually just pissed. Misunderstanding.

The answer is because we’re all anti terror. He’s not the only one that got tapped for this.

I don’t understand what you mean?

I’d like to play a 1 mana blue card to untap as a fast action.

In response to that, I’m going to exile a blue card from my hand and cast “force of will”. Then Im gonna cast “glimpse of the sun god” and tap the field.

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Terrorism causes less deaths than the flu.

Seems like a waste of our time to be fighting them.

So if terrorists targeted flu vaccine facilities and virologists, they could really up their game

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Man, please don’t give those people ideas.

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In other news, water is wet.

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Nah, he’s legit.

No, it’s not.

Did you fail basic chemistry?

I mean, certified or certifiable legit?

No offense intended, Wabbit. You’re a weird guy. Weird is good these days. It’s 2021. Being weird is a prerequisite for survival.

You’re on a website where for over a decade the primal joy of the good posters was to meet up in person and beat the shit out of each other, then have cake and beer. I memorialize that greatest generation of posters.

Now, there’s no cake left. Somebody said it was all a lie, but I saw it. It was chocolate, and where there’s chocolate, there’s love.

Mo gong kau, gong sau.

Rabbit is exactly what you’d expect. Hopefully he can save some lives.

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That was such a small part of Bullshido, LOL. The serious ones were training way more than that.

Unlike you

Except the funny thing is it wasn’t a small part, and I still hang and chat with all those people, and we all still train hard.

Unlike you.

You probably can’t even find a plate carrier that fits your scrawny ass.

Are you claiming that you are training hard, at some bonafide place, with a bonafide coach?
And are you making that comment to a Judo coach who actually did train hard for decades, unlike you?
Your defining characteristic is a wannabe poseur.