Proof of Antibodies vs. Proof of being Vaccinated

Any situation where proof of vaccination is being demanded, proof of having antibodies present in your body for COVID19 should also be accepted in lieu.
Otherwise, the proof of vaccination requirement may be less about infection transmission concerns, and more about something else.



Yeah, I’m totally cool with a blood test for interstate/international travel. /sarcasm

You make an interesting point that addresses a slightly different topic.

The topic is you just addressed is whether a medical passport of some kind should or can be demanded for travel.

Medical travel passports in the form of a negative COVID19 test are very widespread. Medical travel passports requiring proof of vaccination are slightly less widespread.

Interesting topics on their own, and related, but not the topic I was addressing.

The topic was I addressing is: in any situation where proof of vaccination is being demanded, proof of having antibodies present in your body for COVID19 should also be accepted in lieu.

Travel vaccine passports are just one subset of the use cases where proof of vaccination is being demanded.

Other use cases including but not limited to examples such as where previously infected people with antibodies verifiably present in their bodies are being told that without proof of vaccination they:

  1. Cannot continue their employment, which we have seen has resulted in some places having significant resignations or terminations of those employees,

  2. Private businesses and organizations that are choosing to only serve vaccinated patrons, etc.

  3. Public institutions such as State universities stating students must have the vaccine to register for in person classes, or strangely even purely online classes.

The travel vaccine and/or proof of negative COVID19 test passport is another such use case, but far from the only one.

However, for all of these use cases, if proof of vaccination is being required, then proof of present antibodies should be accepted in those cases.

Whether or not demanding proof of medical tests and treatments is acceptable at all is a related but slightly different topic.

Well, there’s a couple different points to consider, here. Having antibodies does not mean you are not infected or incommunicable. The freedom of movement is generally, legally speaking, a restriction on large governments precluding outsiders, but I believe it is also applicable to in-state or in-county movement (cue internet lawyers).

Neither does being vaccinated with any of the current COVID19 vaccines, which are leaky.
So, that is a moot point regarding the topic / question I raise with this thread.

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It’s like you read my mind.

Again, whether or not freedom of movement should be restricted period based on any failure to show proof of medical test or medical treatment is a slightly different topic that the question I have raised on this thread.

An interesting topic. A related topic. But a different question entirely.

So, if the vaccines don’t “work,” where the fuck are we?

Also a different topic.

I am sending you a strong coffee, and bran muffin, stat.

My vax card was a blank thingamjig that I had to fill out myself. I don’t trust vax “passports,” thusly.

I can understand why.
I am guessing most people here had a fake ID to buy beer and get into nightclubs at some point, and government IDs have more production sophistication than what they use in the US as a vaccine card.

So, you’re looking for a certified vax card, which says you either have antibodies or a (recent) vax?

That sounds fair too me.

Also for those with medical exemptions.

No, I am saying that organizations or privileges that do require a vax card, should be accepting a positive antibodies test in lieu, as a substitute in those cases as well.
Meaning somebody that just recovered from a COVID19 infection has similar resistance potentiality as someone that was vaccinated.


OK, a vax card just says (currently) that you got a jab. So, this is an invasive test to prove that you either got the jab, or got the disease?

If the point is documenting resistance potential with the associated partial mitigation of being infectious, or infected de novo, and severity of infection potential regarding that individual, then yes a proof of either vaccination or positive current antibodies.

I do not address whether any should be required in the first place from a legal or civil liberties perspective, which are related and interesting and worthy topics in their own right.

Over here tsome countries are accepting proof of a positive PCR test as the same as having 2 vaccinations:

“Greece will also accept proof of recovery from COVID-19 for entry purposes. Evidence of a positive COVID-19 PCR test result taken between 30 to 180 days of your travel dates can be used and can be demonstrated via the NHS COVID Pass.”

I only know this because I am going to Greece in a few weeks but am fortunate to know have the full set, 2 jabs + positive covid pcr.

I think this is a sensible approach that could perhaps be expanded to allow people who have never tested positive to obtain antibody tests if they so wish as an alternative to vaccination.

The only problem with this is that the antibodies may no longer be their and there is currently no test for T cell memory .

This is of course for foreign travel which is already significantly restricted with a number of countries requiring prior vaccinations for entry long before covid came on the scene.

I think the argument here for some calling for similar legislation to that in the states is that the vaccinations reduce the risk of passing the virus on better than past infections.

Its a real mess trying to keep up with it all but the vaccine makers are making allot of claims and its quite easy to point out where their claims have been wrong in the past so its no wonder trust is an issue.

The press over here were crowing about the vaccine being able to prevent the spread of infection by 70-90% when they first came out, thats quite firmly been proven to be bollocks.

I am glad I had the vaccine and would recommend it to most but I really wish the manufacturers would STFU sometimes as the faces of the pharmaceutical companies are not the egg heads in the labs creating this stuff its the executives trying to make the share holders money which means you get so much shit smeared on the truth and data interpreted in ways that are misleading.


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