Professional Pillow Fighting

Someone on the GB Underground (Great Britain) posted this.

Looks like fun to me. Reminds me of the epic pillow fights of my youth.

Lol at the somersault fail

That lost him the match

any cute bi/lesbian girls into training this?

asking for a friend

Lots of videos, see what you can find?

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local tournaments?

talk about expectation vs. reality …

when i saw the thread this is what i was thinking …


They may have female™ divisions?

May I just say, props for such a dignified Prima Posta

I posted a video with preview…

What a mission, first i had to go find the WTF is Prima Posta thread. Then I had to go hunting to figure out where that is displayed to begin with, then i saw that the image associated with the thread is the original video clip … so this has nothing to do with me. lol.

At least I know what prima posta is now …

It would have been a wonderfully dignified picture though … oh what could have been …

If we close our eyes tight, and pray to St @submessenger , perhaps he will answer our prayers

There’s already a thread on it