Pfizer COVID vaccine causes anaphylaxis in some patients


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Great, now the plague rats will use this as an excuse.


I heard about this on NPR this morning on the way to work. Apparently it was 2 or 3 people in the UK who had known allergy problems. Word I heard was that they are telling folks who are allergy-sensitive to not take the vaccine.


Not to be alarming, but one of those articles says it was something like 150 people out of 20,000 or some shit like that. Not just 2 or 3.

OK, just reporting what I heard on NPR this morning.

Of course, I may have misheard it.

The good news is the people that will be giving you the vax probably also have an epi pen or that other one handy.


I am sure at some point like with the flu vaccine my employer will basically mandate that we get them if we want to return to working in person and by “want” I mean the department mandates it.
Though there are actually a number of people that want to go back to their offices.
I personally love just working from home mostly.
Though I did have to do a cruise this year since we got a ship back from midlife.
That was a matter of doing 3 separate covid tests and being quarantined dock side for 2 weeks.
I think it was only a 10 day trip but it felt like for ever of course the two extra weeks living aboard wasn’t great. Got a lot of infrastructure stood up but man still more to do as we leaned heavily into VDI, but where not really given time to get it all setup so, sigh, I have stuff in production that shouldn’t be in production oh well thus is life.

I’ll be getting mine at a hospital so I should be okay.


It almost seems like a coordinated media attack against Pfizer, now. “The first shot is horrible, but the second one will kill ya.”

If a person is known to have a lot of allergies…maybe they should be cautious?

And like you wrote, somebody with epi pen should be near by.

The media needs FUD to make money.

Or wrap themselves in the flag/first amendment…

My stepmom has a very mild form of lupus in combination with superstrong allergies to nuts, so she’ll probably be in like the second or third group of people being offered the vaccine over here. But in the 20-something years I’ve known her, I don’t think I’ve ever seen her leave the house without her epi pen. It’s like the first fucking thing she packs

This just in, all injections can cause anaphylaxis in any patient at any time.