Parler's Village of Idiots

Apparently there are calls now for “Marshall Law” on Parler, in response to the Supreme Court monkey-stomping the idiotic Texas lawsuit to overturn the election results:

Feel free to use this thread to share the best examples of the worst people on that dipshit honeypot.

Personally, I don’t think their inability to spell “martial law” reflects how gullible they are. Really, I don’t.

Maybe they just really like obscure 90’s action films…

There was also the Martial Law TV series with Sammo Hung. I remember that one being a lot of fun.

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Jimmy Smits = excellent trigger discipline

Yeah that was glaring.


I’m not letting any website scan my ID, let alone one run by anarchists.

Bullshido has my college transcripts, that’s plenty.

We do?



And some challenge coins, my biography, and entire genealogy.

LOL, Parler is French.

I’m basically just stealing this from @Parlertakes on Twitter now.

I always thought Marshall Law was a band or a Tekken character. If you can’t spell it, you shouldn’t be able to call for it, It’s like a hippy shouting for “world piece”.


The guy from Tekken?

The one and only


Following that for fresh hot nonsense

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Marital Law!

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That joke is older than you. Needs more chainsaw.

Words hurt man

That’s what she said?