Non-Crank Prepper YouTubers and Podcasters

Let’s face it, the majority of preppers are socially and or mentally dysfunctional, hoping for a collapse of the social order because they mistakenly think they would do better in a world like that than the snuggly-soft world we live in now.

Do you know of any YouTubers/Podcasters in the so-called “Prepper” community who aren’t batballs crazy?

A lot of what we cover overlaps that world and while nutpicking makes for clicks and engagement, signal-boosting non-cranks is more effective for reducing said nuts long-term.

Preppers in hurricane areas, remote areas, and/or areas with easily disrupted supply chains are rational and responsible.

You could start there.

Yeah, but I’m trying to save time and help signal boost the good ones. I don’t want to spend hours watching the content of someone who seems reasonable until they start ranting about the Jews or something out of the blue.

There’s always Alex Jones. Instead of ranting about the Jews, he brings in educated hosts, like Kanye West, to examine the JQ in a rational fashion.

And then the neighbors show up to their door for handouts when the power goes out. Ever think, perhaps, there is an interest in telling everyone that being prepared for natural or man-made disasters is bad and icky?

I think we’re conflating people who are responsibly prepared for realistic situations and those who prepare for the Soviets and Cubans to invade up through Mexico.

In other news, just 2 scant years after the end of the world was supposed to come via bat soup, the Biden administration finally had the balls to shoot down a spy balloon after it had traversed the continent.

You want less crazy preppers? Stop allowing crazy shit to stir them up.

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“Soviets” are not necessary as a plot device.

The Federal government has already been fucking up the Energy, Food, and Medicine supply chain in recent years, with increasing Soviet style Central Planning style incompetence.

And, the US Federal agencies are a greater surveillance State than the Soviet Union ever was.

The US leads the world in incarcerations, not the “Soviets”, so that speaks volumes as to who is the biggest Police State.

The FBI interfered with the Trump Campaign twice far worse than any Watergate with no consequence, and the rumors of Deep State Federal agency shadow government are clearly true.

The ATF and other agencies make rules with the force of law to disarm the populace, and declare tens of millions of Americans felons, if they don’t waive their 2nd Amendment rights.

That’s funny….
Red Dawn already happened, it was just quieter, and more insidious than in the movies.
That’s what happens when authoritarianism increases, personal liberties are replaced with Statism, and capitalism is replaced with State tit schemes on a Federal level.

With the caveat that the “crazy” people are not the preppers,
but those Americans in denial that the US Federal government agencies are not the leading contender for the largest offender as a Police and Surveillance State,
and are not constantly trying to distract the public from their own corruption and incompetence with real life Wag the Dog shit that would be unbelievable as movie plot devices.

The US incarceration numbers domestically, and military interference abroad, and spying both on its own citizens and everyone else, make it clear that the Federal government makes the “Soviets” as a plot device unnecessary.

It takes a real moral bankruptcy to be in denial that the US Federal government agencies routinely piss all over the Constitution, and increasingly in recent years cause major fuck ups in the supply chain.

So, non-preppers border on hopelessly naive, and/or deliberately helpless, because the more the Federal government becomes a Police, Surveillance, and nanny State, the more Americans should expect Soviet Union, Central Planning incompetence style supply chain fuck ups.

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Your first paragraph in this thread appears to say otherwise.

“Be prepared.”
Robert Baden-Powell 1908

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Yes, there is an interest in framing preparedness as paranoia. If you don’t think entertainment media serves an agenda setting/framing function like information media does, you’re an idiot.

There are a lot of preppers up here. The best prepared ones are the ones who are in cohesive social groups, like, religious groups (Mennonites, Amish) who are prepared for group defense, and have resources to do so.

Mormon, too. They are all supposed to keep a years worth of food/supplies on hand at all times, it’s part of their… doctrine? Although there is a lot of variation within that group regarding the topic.

There are different levels to prepping, as well, from having a “self sufficient” small hobby farm with a having a underground bunker stocked with supplies, power source, fuel, etc., and a defense network of allies.

As far as videos, I don’t really follow any of them. We had a couple with kids up here, from Hawaii, who bought some land (I recognized it from the video), who were clearly trying to monetize their utoob channel. My older son first found, it, and was "Dad, this is where we went hunting a couple of times on so an so’s property, isn’t it? These folks claimed to be “living in the mountains” but were in fact in the middle of an alfalfa field on a higher bench above the big river valley. They were ridiculous.

The real ones are not going to be making videos, IMO. They don’t want any body to know their location, or what preparations they have made.

It’s not really super complicated.

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Just watched a great video about that by Paul (Combat Vet REacts).

You should check it out.

SAC fucked up.

Common fucking sense.

The gold mine. God damn. Not funny kind.

The Republicans?

The Russians?

Maybe I can get a run in. - George Clooney. Burn After Reading.

Really, I think you premise is flawed.

I find the primitive technology series kind of fascinating.

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Some of them up here have some…interesting “political” content. Probably to get more views by being controversial. Ironic, prepping, yet dependent on income from the Interwebz.

One guy in particular in the county south of here was spreading some serious mis/disinformation.

Now I remember, it was about water rights adjudication. Was spreading lies that if you didn’t file certain paperwork with the COUNTY that your water rights would be taken over.

Apparently there is money to be made and/or ego need to fame significance to be made by saying controversial things, in controversial ways, especially vilifying other people, or groups.

Who knew…

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Right, or framing everything in terms of “look at these bozos vs experts” kind of intros.

With no examples of either.

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You and Matt Thornton should chat, if you like that sort of punishment.