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Perhaps the sugar industry should be banned if we’re using body count as criteria

Or the auto industry for that matter

It’s the way it’s implemented that is the problem IMO

Much like capitalism

I used to be one of them. I’m not claiming a specific one is coming to my home to put me in prison, I’m saying that if you asked an academic in this field if they think being anti democracy should be a crime they would say yes.

Have you never heard of autocracy?

I expect it’s a little more nuanced

Believe what you like but use illegal or violent methods to achieve your ideological goals and prison is appropriate


It never ends well

Read some history and grow up.

So you voted for Biden is what you’re saying?

Also, this was your show. Rest is cancelled. Biden has gone on a rampage and is supposedly hunting down his political enemies including both right and left wing journalists. Whether or not this is true, civil war is almost inevitable. Will be laying low. Be safe Americans. Things are about to get BAD.

Show has been uncanceled actually. The powers that be want it to happen.

Bro, I was one of these people. I got to hear what they say when they think everyone listening agrees with them.

Democracy isn’t doing so well right now lol. Even the people with Democrat literally in their name don’t believe in democracy anymore. It’s over for Democroids.

I was one of them prior to 2016. Because of my experience on the inside of government, more specifically the IC, I thought of federal executive agencies and the IC as being “apolitical” patriots doing the hard work of keeping the American people safe. I was in the MENA when al Awlaki and his son got schwacked. That really should have been the I&W for where we were headed but it seemed like an idiosyncratic anomaly. I wasn’t the only one to think this, I was literally sitting on echirp on high side talking to people at NGA, NCIS, and DIA about it when it happened and they all had reservations too.

It took a few years starting in 2016 and seeing the response to Trump to realize just how partisan and political and lost, and more importantly anti American, the institutions were/are.

It’s nobody’s business, how anybody else voted.

Don’t get your knickers in a twist dear

I think the problems created during the Russian Soviet era are more a problem of the Russians being twats

Pre Soviet was a brutal absolute monarchy and, let’s face it, post Soviet Russia is only slightly better

If every system of government you’ve had becomes a brutal and corrupt regime, it’s not them, it’s you

And incidentally, perhaps you should read up about the history of the Sugar Industry

It’s got slavery and everything

You were a writer for the Journal of Democracy?

It’s doing fine here in Europe

The problems you’re having in the US are less about democracy failing and more to do with Russian and Chinese propaganda trolls

The problem here is that communism is a shockingly bad concept no matter how you dress it up.

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Which parts of the concept do you find particularly bad?

I’m more commenting on their shared loathing of democracy.

You aren’t taking my money and passing it out to others. We’re going to war if someone tries that.

This is true. I was just contacted by Russian intelligence. They’re apparently behind the boogaloo.

Don’t you pay taxes?

Redistribution of wealth to the poor = communism

Redistribution of wealth to the Elites = capitalism

I was among the type of people who would think the Journal of Democracy is good i.e. FSOs, IR academics, the IC etc.

Enjoy your winter.

How much crack are you smoking exactly?

You’re thinking of Populism and “Democracy” (remember, even democrats don’t like true democracy lmao) here actually.