Neil Oliver: For the sake of freedom

This might be really controversial for some here, so apologies if it is.

Just thought i’d post this, feel like there are some valid points. What are your thoughts on this clip?

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I don’t like that premise. Imagine you are in England in ww2 and you are fighting the Nazis.

There were lost freedoms up the arsehole. You couldn’t even have your lights on. There was rationing, conscription, anti hoarding laws.

So this victory for freedom that was the victory in WW2 was won with pretty much the same mentality that covid is being combated.

But because we are self entitled snowflakes we just assume we deserve freedoms without ever having to put anything back into society.


That’s a valid point, on the one hand you have a certain amount of sacrifice required in order to acquire freedom, but on the other hand seeding freedom in itself is a risky ask, so i guess that line is always difficult to draw.

In my mind whenever there is a reference to freedom and war my brain automatically goes to 1984. Just a funny note, not directed at your post.

1984 is always a funny reference. Because George Orwell also wrote animal farm. Which delved in to the dangers of a corrupt revolution.

100%, more often than not revolution ends in a new form of tyranny. But once again there is a time and place for it. Strategically a government’s approach is almost machiavellian, power for the sake of power. Economically it doesn’t make sense because decisions are not made based on maximizing profit like in a business, policy is often used to retain votes, which makes some actions illogical. In large groups people need law and order, structure, so you definitely need some form of structured control somewhere.

I personally don’t really know what structure works or doesn’t, it’s just interesting. I do think it’s always worth keeping an eye on who is in power though.

This kind of hyperbole, battle of Britain rhetoric to justify antisocial, self indulgent “me, me, me” politics leaves me cold

If you are not prepared to take one for the team, be it wearing a mask, staying locked down or taking a vaccine then you (Mr Oliver) are a selfish prick

This is a global pandemic man, for fuck sake

Were King/Emperor/Autocrat Doofaloofa in charge, what would be his directives?

Worldwide. To hell with freedom.

This is after all a global pandemic.

Well I wouldn’t make you my minister of sarcasm, that’s for certain

I don’t think we have to do more than follow the guidelines set down by public health experts

Freedom is only one side of the coin

The other side is duty

One does not work without the other

There is no consensus among “public health experts”.

Doofaloofa is in charge of the world. What are his mandates?


Let’s ask all those Americans of Japanese descent who got put in internment camps about it, shall we?

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The problem I have is with the premise that working together to defeat a pandemic is some sort of onerous restriction(s) of our freedom or liberty.

It’s been put that way very specifically, for specific purposes, in very specific ways.

Has the CDC et all handled this pandemic well? No, not at all, really. Their messaging has been awfully confusing, tone deaf, etc.

Did Trump fuck up ? Yeah, but Operation Warp speed was/is a success.

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There is consensus

The lack of consensus is with the politicals who often mess with the public health message for political reasons

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What consensus beyond most people should be getting vaccinated?

You’re dodging my question. What mandates would you put forth today Autocrat Doofaloofa?

Social distancing
Face covering
Hand hygiene
Test and trace

All public health measures with wide spread concensus amongst public health doctors

I would follow the advice of my public health experts

And the CDC officials who enjoy their status and power. Like the current one who thinks she has the power to impose rent moratoriums. Right after the SCOTUS says she doesn’t.

Or are implementing another agenda due to their political/social beliefs.

I don’t subscribe to that theory

And how many countries that have advocated all of those strongly have not been hit hard by the virus?

Which country has close to 100% vaccination rates.

To be clear, I’m totally for vaccination. It’s so fucking simple, and the path away from all the masking and social distancing.