Myocarditis folowing COVID19 RNA vaccination

Some interesting studies in circulation regarding young people presenting with myocarditis following COVID19 RNA vaccines.



I think it’s strange it isn’t being discussed more in general. There is so much happening in terms of the vaccine and review of the pandemic response. It’s being discussed in the EU parliament, UK parliament, multiple discussions in the US. There are more and more studies surfacing. Professors from universities like Stanford have come out and spoke on their views.

I’m specifically keeping this vague based on how past discussions on similar topics have gone. This has become more of a religions discussion than a factual one these days, so I often find the silence telling in its own right. But yes, there are numerous interesting studies emerging these days on a range of topics …

COVID19 vaccines may cause myocarditis in young people (and older people),

But, COVID19 infections, definitely do, in 2% to 33% of young athletes who get COVID19 infections (as well as older people).

For those that get myocarditis, it will often only be detected in those that exert themselves physically,

unless several sophisticated medical tests are done.

Which it takes about a month to get into the Cardiologist,

and then a month after to get the tests.

Which seems unbelievable, but those are the common turn times, unless you go to the ER with an acute cardiac event.

In all cases, myocarditis risk, especially for athletes, or those that exert themselves strenuously, should be considered following COVID19 infection, or COVID19 vaccination, before resuming strenuous physical activity or sport, as a matter of prudence.


higher in younger people than older (particularly in sub 35 or something if memory serves). Which is also the group least at risk of sever illness. I mean kids have virtually no risk profile associated covid.

I don’t know about that. Studies are coming out that disagree on an increased risk due to infection.

I’ve gotten a similar impression that athletes are at higher risk, however i can’t back that up by anything i’ve read specifically, just appears that way. It’s also possible the defects only manifest at higher levels of exertion which could mean the defects are more broadly prevalent just not immediately evident, i’m really just speculating there. It’s also possible athletes are more likely to notice changes and seek help due to performance impact.

Myocarditis is an inflammation of the sac containing the heart, as I recall. It’s quite painful, and can also lead to tachycardia and other peripheral issues.

Engage Super Conspiracy Man:

So, even though the government KNOWS this is a possible/probable outcome for the demographic in play, they are still recommending that same demographic gets the vax.


This is a good discussion and look back (Stanford professor).

tbh the CDC and WHO haven’t been great with their content.

The CDC has also been changing fairly important info without really raising it, which i didn’t like. I would like to see research or discussion.

The mRNA and the spike protein don’t last long in the body.

but it’s not there anymore.

Then there is the swedish study which suggests reverse conscription into DNA is possible, which could explain why the spike protein is still there months later.

One may be a risk. The other is definitely a risk.

Also those studies that suggested a risk from the vaccine. Do not know if those same people who developed myocarditis also contracted COVID even though they were vaccinated.

You know because they are “leaky” as gonzo says.

COVID obliterates lung tissue, sometimes permanently. Welcome to the Cytokine Storm Generation, mothefuckers, where your birth year doesn’t matter, what does is your body’s ability to repair damaged tissue, and your ability to not be a total dumbass when it comes to medical recommendations.

The lungs are important for keeping the heart healthy, but also cool. Fuck, the heart’s shape morphs when you can’t breathe straight over time. Ever smelled heart attack muscle? It’s like well done steak.

Antivaxxers won the Skeptic War on COVID vaccines. Now every death of any celebrity you can mention is from “the jab”. or it’s just the Mark of the Beast, something believed by millions.

You can’t put enough zeros on the casualties on this one. Sorry folks, you picked the short straw, now you get to watch stupid destroy reason.

The Anti Vaxx Horse is winning. This is why we still have measles outbreaks in the First World.

We just passed 666,666,666 cases worldwide. Fact.

They only disagree on prevalence rate, not that it happens, which is why I put a range in my post.

Rabbit, you really ought not comment on areas you know little about, and merely Google Fu shallowly.

It didn’t help that every single authority figure pushing the jab was caught lying multiple times about things they had little or no reason to lie about vs the political cost of being caught.

This is an excellent point, as a confounding factor.

In fact, multiple infections are even more a confounding factor.

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I don’t know if you’re a real doctor, but I do know that anti-vaxx bullshit is real, and it’s killing people, so your religious devotion to statistics is sus.

All the people now suffering from “asthma like” symptoms is pretty significant. Here’s hoping you agree, but I’m not a many of much faith.

Red pill fatass.

Define anti-vax.

It is ignorant, and unscientific to suggest that real therapeutics such as these COVID19 vaccines will not or do not have side effect profiles.

In fact, we can expect that some people may die from taking these COVID19 vaccines.

Further, we understand that there is a strong argument that children may not need to be vaccinated against COVID19.

Further, it is reasonable to point out that there is not long term data on these specific vaccines, and they were rushed through the deployment process.

Finally, it is morally and ethically questionable to suggest that people should be vaccinated or subject to any medical treatment against their will, and without their informed consent.

The population that chooses not to be vaccinated also serves a useful scientific purpose as a control group, side-stepping an ethical concern, because they self-select to not receive the treatment.

And that group serves a useful redundancy purpose in case there is something wrong with a given set or series of batches of vaccines.

And a mono-therapy approach rather than also developing alternative treatment approaches may be short-sighted, as not everyone may respond to the vaccines, or they may have known contra-indications to the vaccines.

I am have been pro COVID19 vaccine, in the right contexts, and have been, nonetheless, all the above is still true.

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