My spinning side kick has a higher force than Rogans

It was all ego and very dangerous.

I’m lucky I only got head kicked to the jaw once. I lost concentration for a split second. But I was still standing…

I would never do the same back so i felt frustrated.

I did show him though what I could do, to his guard.

Imagine getting permanenty hurt in a stupid sparring session with nothing on the line. No money, fame. Trophy. Pure idiocy

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The interview with Jesse enkamp was amazing. The amount of outdated 80s myths Seagal permeated there was astounding.

Imagine someone talking about physics in 2024 from an 80s book.

John wayn parr is 48.

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Senchai is 43.

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Rogan was 55+ and you cant tell anything from him playing

I bet Joe Rogan plays alot in bjj but he doesn’t look bad like his striking does.

Aren’t you a grappler?

I take muay thai at a mma school if that means anything.

There is a whole competition for 55+ called masters.

Here is a guy from our gym. Has to be pushing 50.

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Well he wasn’t 55, more like 48, but it doesn’t matter he had no interest in combat. There was love in Joes eyes when the dude punched him and clincned. If I didnt know any better i would think they were together. It was that friendly.

I’ve sparred hard with other people and afterwards we hugged or touched gloves. Friendliness has nothing to do with his lack of ability.

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Lack of what?? He isnt trying to do anything. He’s s a cuck.

Submissive to big name fighters.

You are misinterperating that as lack of ability. overly respectful is what it is.