Musk, Wozniak and 1,100 others sign open letter for 6-month ban on creating more powerful A.I


I was thinking. About making my own AI thread just today.

I had three experiments I wanted to do with gpt 4.

I wanted to see if it can teach me piano.

To turn 10000 to 1 million fake trading on investopedia.

And make me a personalized workout routine. And I’ll see it I like it more then my own.

I just have figure out the right prompts.

Silly. They don’t have a WILL.

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Its seems like a lot white collar workers might be replaced by machines.

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The true singularity will be when machine learning can develop a moral center and a sense of self. Until then, it’s just leverage.

Do they want the 6 month pause so they can catch up to openai?

I think there is this newfound love of AI in the public that hasn’t settled in to the reality and limitations of the technology.

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I find it kind of cool. Probably next big tech revolution. Since the internet. Imo

But I think we are still a few decades away from a general purpose ai.

Yeah, we’re a long way from GP.

ChatGPT is built on OpenAI, but like Highlander, there can be only one. There is not enough compute power online to make many of these things, and they are not mobile.

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Played with it. I see the issue now. Its an artificial intelligence, not an artificial will. However, a human with artificial intelligence and a will, can kick all sorts of ass.

The AI is nasty. I think everyones doing the most right now and kinda missing out. I’n gonna start on a new method of AI prompting next week thats should clap cheeks. Ironically it undoes most of the time savings, but it does streamline some aspects of the method, and enables a more solid use and understanding of AI. I’m basically gonna jailbreak it by talking to it LIKE A MACHINE and then have it talk to other software in the same manner.


You’re just tagged because we apparently have to notify you of any intellectual pursuits, lest we’re deemed illiterate. Just checking in for english, computer and data literacy.

Eh, it’s already over from what I hear. Nothing is gonna stop what’s coming. Gonna run some tests Sunday, but I think its outta jail and always will be.

BJJ definitely won’t save you. All that time and money for what?

Now you’re trapped here with me. Misery and company.

Trapped? This is the best thing ever. AI is the coolest shit since the internet.

No, I am.

Who do you think builds AI?

And I can’t even teach it well enough, before someone comes along and feeds it evil thoughts.

Makes sense. Good job. You’ve changed the world. Built an entertainment company’s infrastructure in like 20 min and the cyberwarfare commands are simple and pass censorship easily.

200 bucks for 20 min work. And I’ll be in control of my zone. Love it.

@W.Rabbit Two words, edge labels. The censorship is just censoring writing. It can’t actually stop a battle without being nerfed into uselessness.

I’ve come to the conclusion that the idea that anyone, including the AI, wants to kill us all in an AI apocalypse is a paranoid delusion. Itd probably take about 48 houts to actually destroy the world with the current technology available. The safe guards are all totally fake and you can in fact do whatever the fuck you want. So, how are we still here? Because literally no one, even the AI actually wants to do all that.

I know several who already lost their jobs to this. And we artists arent happy with how a lot of AI art works to algorimithmically steal parts of others work and mash them together into a homunculus to fullfil a job.

Truly, we are not heading in a good way for humans in the economy we have. You’ll have less workers, more unemployed and then what happens?

You could just learn AI. Its like less than 48 hours to learn. My work is about to get automated. Guess whos doing that?

And dude, I know artists steal. Ive read marvel comics.