Mission Complete

Finally retiring as a tracker. After chasing terrorists through the pandemic for years, I finally called it quits. Over the years I thwarted numerous attacks by various groups, chasing them all over the country physically and in cyberspace. Finally I reached a point where I felt I had all the information I could gain, including the last known location of Antifas regional HQ. It was empty. The theory is that Nazis spooked them with an attack on civilians, leading to their abandoning that location. That being the case, I decided to go on a hiatus and repurpose my team. I’ll return when its time to fight the Nazis or if Antifa does something retarded, but as is, I’m done.

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Scratch that. Have to find them. Iran is going to strike through them.

I don’t think so.

Nigga, I realize this. While the mission is local, so ATL isnt my concern, Iran or Hezbollah or PLO or some shit is trying to blow up Boston to kill the Jews. I’m back.

I thought you were nation-wide, man, what with that diagram(s) you’ve posted before.

All those connections…

You can’t deal with it only locally, man.

Stock up on extra batteries and get to work!

One of the guys arrested is a staff lawyer for the SPLC, FFS. He was a “legal observer” though.


Thats mostly New England. We get enough up here to keep my hands full.

We’re on the atl thing though. Lot of MA people.

Wait until you find out what the National Lawyers Guild is lol

I did…

I mean, I knew about SPLC. They used to actually put out some decent stuff, years and years ago.

Marxist revolutionary lawyers, oh, my…

Don’t, worry folks, nothing going on… don’t pay no nevermind.

Im actually for that. Like, pedos have lawyers.

The National Lawyers Guild relationship to left-wing activists and direct action types is not the same as a public defender to an accused pedophile. It would be like a national pedophile ring having an entire association of pedophile lawyers that facilitate their pedophile activities outside of court.

Accurate analogy…

You have a point, but as a guy who has issues getting legal representation when I need it, Im pretty pro lawyer.

When I was facing a DV charge, Id been attacked on camera, openly and blatantly. I was flying across the room like “No… don’t…” when I finally struck my assailant. Then I called 911 after a single strike.

Now, the assailant had been ranting and raving about zombies, dead people etc. And was running into the hallway naked to go fight the zombie apocalypse outside. Now, this is where things get interesting.

I get to court and my lawyer is like “Lets examine how your mental health issues caused you to be unable to communicate.” Fired her fucking immediately. Like, the attacker is clearly a hallucinating crazy person and Im rational and reasonable.

Anyways, my point is that having lawyers out the ass isnt bad at all. You can be 100% innocent and still want proper lawyering accessible at all times.

The one thing the IR field is good at lol.

Sure, I can’t fault them for playing the game the best way they can. I just think the activist-lawyer relationship between Antifa/Queer Activist types and the NGL (and SPLC, and other civil society NGOs) is heavily downplayed and provides them a lot of cover they shouldn’t be provided.

This is my same position on political power: yeah I can’t hate on Queer Activists and Marxists and their descendants for the political strategies they engage in because they are successful, but that doesn’t mean I’m just going to lie down and let them win and never complain or fight back when and where I can.

My main issue is political violence. The rest of it is fair game, though Im not a fan of the grooming either.

Right, I certainly wasn’t saying “all lawyers bad”, and part of the “leftist” strategy is to have trained, indoctrinated attorneys at their disposal, literally.

Remember the what, 2 or 3 lawyers who set the cop cars on fire in NYC during the George Floyd stuff (I think that’s what it was for).