Militias, Sovereign Citizens, and Constitutionalists, OH MY!

This is follow-up to the Far Right Side Gallery.

I’m going to post links and excerpts from web sites, and even some scanned material of interest that is historical in nature. In order to show a bit of how far back the nuttery we are seeing now from the Far-Right Side Gallery goes and how deep it runs.

It’s also highly entertaining, in a sad sort of way.

So let’s start with “Judge Anna Von Reitz” (get it GET IT) Big Lake, Alaska. Her brand of bullshit gets spread around quite a bit by other right wing bloggers et al.
It’s some pure-D SovCit bullshit.

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For example (of spreading it around).

Wade your way through this jewel !

ItS nOt A vaCCinE!

Wow. There’s so much crazy in that I don’t even know where to start.

Yeah, it’s like scratching the surface of the crazy pustule.

One can speak of it in broad terms?

I dunno man, this shit is going strong…

This is typical SovCit stuff…

You want a blend of scammer, delusion, and Canadian SovCit for flavor?


Keven Daniel Annettt !

OMG I’m cracking up…

"The Land Jurisdiction County Sheriff is the highest ranking law enforcement officer in each
County. All sea jurisdiction LEO’s and corporate security personnel (Pinkertons) and
subcontractors (Agency Personnel) report to your elected Land Jurisdiction County Sheriff —
not the other way around. "


Wow. That is pretty impressive. It’s like he’s living in an alternate history timeline.

There’s no spit take emoji.

It’s supposedly a woman, but who knows. Won’t even post under real name.

The level of crazy in that one is almost beyond belief. Thing is, people lap that shit up.

*edit, it seems she is posting under her real name. At least if you use a simple Internet people finder type of website.

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Check this out. They have their own whole government !

they make laws and vote over the Internet.

This, just this:“This entire situatoin dervies directly from the US Congress malfunctioning and scheming up ways to entrap otherwise free people
into their “municipal” dominion, where they could use them as slaves and claim their assets as collateral backing the credit cards
of the Congress members. The problem, to put it another way, is that “the United States of America (Minor)” composed of the
“American” “states” of “New Columbia” (what they’ve called DC since 1984), Guam, Puerto Rico, et alia—-should not exist,
should not be named anything so similar to The United States of America (Major) and should not be ruled as an oligarchy by
Our problem now is that the Congress has been ALLOWED (by the U.S. Supreme Court in the Insular Tariff Cases) to operate
two separate governments—one a constitutional republic, the other a plenary oligarchy—and to create two separate nations with
two separate sets of law, all housed under one roof. In such a situation, one conflicts and competes with the other. It doesn’t take
a rocket scientist to figure out that given a choice of ruling over their fellow citizens as slavemasters was easier and more
lucrative for the members of Congress than abiding by the limits of the Constitution and demeaning themselves as “public
We, the People, lulled into complacency by being able to hand off our responsibility for our own government to our
“representatives” and trusting those representatives implicitly, stopped paying attention to what was happening in Washington,
DC. Now we have awakened with a jerk and cold sweat in the middle of the night, wondering “What is going on here?”
Government by omission and presumption doesn’t work. Our government only functions correctly when we show up, en masse,
and do our job.
I’ve just told you what is wrong and in the Final Judgment and Civil Orders we’ve provided a “reading list” of primary source
documents that anyone can read and investigate and use to come to their own conclusions, which we are confident will not fall far
apart from our own.
We have identified the problem. We have dug out the history and know exactly how it developed and who is responsible for it.
We have owned our own culpability for not dealing with it earlier. We have investigated our own roles, rights, and
responsibilities. We are in the process of exercising our own empowerments. We have recognized the nature and limitations of
the “federal government” as it now exists. We have located and identified the internatonal Trustees who are also responsible for
this mess. We have established that of the three internatonal Trustees, the Office of the U.S. Postmaster is in Breach of Trust and
so is ELIZABETH II, and only the Pope is responding as a Trustee should to assist in getting the ” runaway horse” —- Congress
—- back in the barn.”

Elizabethe II.

Not how it’s all in caps.

SovCidiots have a fetish for capitalizations and lower case.

Secret meanings and all that.


She is a real person! LULZ

I’m chortling.

the scam goes deeper…

This is so obviously monetized fraud, LOL.

If you want help right now to use the paperwork found at (article 928) to get out of their identity trap use the form on the right below and someone on our team will contact you, usually within 24 hours, to start the process. In the mean time keep studying at Anna’s website for the background of what the process is and what it will do for you.


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I’m betting that this is how she generates billable hours for a paralegal business.

My gut says they start filling out forms to remove your name and address from a handful of internet lists and signing up for monetized but otherwise free services for which these people receive kickbacks if not direct billing.

I would not be surprised. It looks like a rather large operation. I have not investigated much further than what I’ve posted.

This is basically what the SovCit movement started out as, a huge scam.

Oh yeah, here we go: Even SNOPES has a thing on this “Judge”. So old news, really.

Anna Maria Riezinger

Tons of court cases in AK, lol…

01/29/2013 Notice and Affidavit Re: No Judicial Powers Eleventh Amendment Notice, Eleventh Amendment Violation, Notice of Fraud, and Demand for Administrative Hearing (2 original but apparently identical pleadings with blood seals received, one addressed to the court and one addressed to the assigned judge)
Attorney: Pro per (0100001)
James C Belcher (Defendant); Anna M Riezinger-Von Reitz (Defendant);
Filing Party: Belcher, James C; Riezinger-Von Reitz, Anna M
Case Motion #22


02/05/2013 Letter Filed to the Clerk of Court Re: “Proof of Service (Mail Receipts) to the Officers of the Court Named in our Complaint Entitled: No Judicial Powers Eleventh Amendment Notice…Notice and Affidavit related to 3AN-12-06858CI and 3PA-12-01447CI”
BLOOD SEAL - Copy Made - Original in Biohazard Bag
James C Belcher (Defendant); Anna M Riezinger-Von Reitz (Defendant);

This is SO typical of the SovCit approach.