Mass shooting in the UK

To be fair it’s only just a mass shooting compared to the US but nevertheless it’s pretty shocking .

[Plymouth shooting: Attacker identified after five killed in rare mass shooting in England - CNN]

For those that don’t know in the UK we have two different certificates for fire arms .

The first one is a shotgun certificate which requires police and medical check plus a police interview and visit to your home.
This allows you to own shotguns that can only hold 2-1 cartridges .

The second is a firearms licence which allows you to own .22 rifles and large capacity shotguns.

This requires all of the above but also either your own land with reason to shoot I:e vermin or membership to a shooting club for 6 months with references from the club prior to obtaining the licence .

I have the standard shotgun licence which is what I think this guy had .

Very sad this has happened here and even sadder that all the checks in place could not prevent it .

Apparently he had his licence removed following an allegation of assault but it was recently returned to him .

My wife showed me the story and gave me “the look” but for me seeing somebody behave like that with a gun makes me glad I have one to fire back with should that happen in my neighbourhood.

It’s made the news here. Youngest victim being a three year old boy.