Man whips out his penis in woman's locker room around little girls. Spa allows it, due to claim of transgender status. Protests on both sides result

Man whips out his penis in woman’s locker room around little girls.
Spa allows it, due to claim of transgender status.
The women in the locker room confront the spa staff over allowing a naked man in their locker room.
Protests on both sides result.

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Wi Spa Footage Part 2

In Jesus’ name

I am an Atheist, so the Jesus part is irrelevant to me.
However, I do care that some adult male just walked into the female locker room, exposed his cock and balls at a bunch of women, and to a bunch of little girls, before getting into the hot tub with his naked junk with said women and little girls, thus putting those women and little girls in a state of distress at being sexually harassed / assaulted.
That fuck should be charged with exposing himself to minors, and be put on the sex predator registry as a sex offender, like any other sick fuck who exposes themselves to children.
I can understand why they invoked their God in prayer, as the Spa staff were no help, presumably the police / government were no help, and you had dick heads like the guy in the moustache trying to mansplain to them that it was no a violation for them and their daughters to have a guy walk in and expose his cock and balls to them in the female locker room.


Presumably, if said “sick fuck” committed the crimes you suggest they did, justice will be done

Why do you hate trans people so much?

You really are stupid, aren’t you?
Nowhere, have I made any comment that remotely resembles hate for trans people.
What I do “hate” is a grown man that would whip their dick and balls out, in front of little girls, especially in an area, or the area, where the little girls, and women, are supposed to be able to safely enjoy privacy while they are in a state of undress.
Do you not understand what “consent” is, or sexual assault, or that ladies of any age, may not enjoy, and may be traumatized by random men coming up to them and flashing their dicks and balls at them in lewd manners?
You are truly dense.
To be clear for your small pea brain, if trans people are polite, and not flashing a dick and balls at random women and little girls, nor behaving in another inappropriate manners, I have zero problem with them, or their social company.
I am not implying that all nor even most trans people would do what the jack ass in the video above did.
But this sexual deviant did exactly that, and I am going to call him out for his despicable behavior in doing so, whether he calls himself a trans gender or not.

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Well, my brain is pretty small, I’ll give you that

My problem is with this whole “whipping it out” narrative

What we have is two highly religious women making unsubstantiated claims about the behaviour of another person

No video evidence, surprisingly

Personally I believe those women saw a trans woman in the changing room and have made up a narrative of sexual abuse to create clicks on their right wing, Christian social media channel

Unless you have video evidence of real sexual abuse perpetrated by this individual

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If he walked in front of little girls, in a female only locker room, with his dick and balls hanging out, that is in fact, sexual abuse of minors.
If people have an expectation that a sex type specific locker room is not going to be a co-ed nudist situation, then females should be able to rely that they are not going to be exposed to a biological male with his dick and balls out, especially when it comes to minors.
What we have here, is a State that saw fit to provide a legal loop hole that would make an exception to that being a criminal act at the State level.
Which is garbage, and I hope it goes to court, and I hope that loop hole is remedied.

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I don’t know the specific laws in that jurisdiction, but I do find it surprising that the woman who filmed the receptionist forgot to film the alleged sex offender, sex offending

Combine that with the apparent religious bigotry and what do we have?

Two religious extremists making unsubstantiated claims about a trans woman

I’m surprised that someone of your obvious intellectual superiority should be so easily taken in by such shenanigans


First off, someone saying “Jesus” or “Blood of Jesus” is a prayer, not religious bigotry.
People who are being traumatized, or who were just traumatized, often pray to deal with their trauma.
Second off, people are not supposed to take video of other people in a state of undress in a locker room, or changing room, or showers, or have you never been in one?
Third off, by the time they got their cell phones, and raised a ruckus, the guy causing the ruckus may have beat feet, as many people guilty of exposing their male junk to little girls might have, for fear of being arrested.


People who witness a crime are totally vindicated to film in prohibited situations

That does not mean that they would be in a situation to get their phones, nor that they might have the wits to, if they were in shock, that a male just brought out his cock and balls in front of them, and the little girls present, while they themselves were changing, in the showers, or in the hot tub.
Their first reaction might be to cover the eyes of the little girls, and/or to yell at him to cover up his junk / get out, or to cover up their own nakedness.
No expects the Spanish Inquisition as the saying goes…

Then again, in fairness, when I am presented with a dangerous situation, my first reaction is not to grab my phone to video tape, but rather, a fight / flight / or get behind cover and concealment response.
So, I myself am perhaps the wrong demographic when it comes to perhaps other demographics, when it comes to the response of grabbing a phone to video tape when presented with stressful or dangerous situations.
I am not a member of the selfie demographic.

And probably slapped around in the back room for good measure. Some people only understand violence so why not speak their language too?

Nowadays it’s illegal but it used to be understood the cops would beat your ass if you really pissed them off. There’s a place for this. It supplies an extra dose of the natural order in an increasingly chaotic world.

Singapore does it and they cut way down on the troll factor and “harming other’s is fun and/or funny” category of offender. It’s easy to act like a jerk in face of ineffable emotional torment but getting hit with a stick by a guy that practices hitting people with sticks all damn day every damn day will drive home the message very clearly. I’ve been told that the pain is excruciating and can take weeks to recover from.

Physical pain is nature’s operant conditioning and it’s very effective.

All we have is the testimony of one or more witnesses who are clearly biased due to religious indoctrination

Quite likely, the trans person just had a square jaw and prominent Adam’s apple and it set these two loons of in a fit of hysteria

Praised god, amen, praise the Lord

Where’s the evidence?

What are you talking about, “biased due to religious indoctrination.”
Just because someone prays after a trauma, especially when no one is taking the trauma that just occurred to them seriously, including other men mansplaining that they should not feel traumatized by some guy exposing his cock and balls to them and their daughters, does not mean that their indignation is predicated on religion.
I know plenty of female atheists that would prefer not to have men walking around exposing their cock and balls to them and little girls while they are undressing or taking showers in the female locker room.
Where goest thou, feminism, and also respecting that little girls should not have to suffer through men showing their cock and balls to them?
There is already eyewitness accounts, and the idea that a man was in the female locker room in a state of undress does not seem to be in dispute, except by you.
This has happened before, you know.

And this kind of shit is just going to get used to make people like me who just want to keep to ourselves about our transgender status, look even worse.

I fucking swear

I have zero problem with you, never have had a problem with you, would be glad to feed you and make you a drink or get you a pint, and have you for company.
You are not this individual, nor do I associate any member of trans gender community with this individual, unless they did so themselves.

My argument is there was no indecent

If what they said was true they would have recorded it on their phones

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Listen buddy, nobody with any sense thinks less of you because something some jackass POS did. You have one thing in common with them and it would take a pretty awful person to apply such a loose association to an entirely other person. I know that’s how the world works some times but don’t give some f’d up stranger the power to define you. You define you. That’s all you need.

Also, how screwed up is this? Am I reading it correctly that this person had an erection in front of children? That is absolutely beyond the pale.