Kendo is Bullshido with its semantics and pedagogy, and I'll explain why

I think the style vs style stuff can be fun if done with the right attitude. There’s a korean couple that do a lot of them, they just try to have a laugh and learn something. You might enjoy their kendo vs judo video.

I say bring grappling back to Kendo, man.

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Gekken if my memory is correct

Look for the non-shinai player !

I remember that one, must have been posted over on the old forums too.

I’ve read a “history” of the transition from kenjutsu to koryu kendo to modern Kendo. And it wasn’t Draeger, but I’ve read that one too.
Fascinating stuff !

I’m glad you are here. It’s good to have your expertise and experience.

The posts you did on kote waza were really good.

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Might have been Alex Bennett you read, Ben. He’s been doing a lot of work in that area.

It’s an old book. I think it’s in a box in my garage. Maybe…

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There’s an app for that. I had it on the beta version of these new forums, but nobody has yet requested signature blocks, so I didn’t install it, here. If there’s enough demand, I’ll put it in.

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OMG it worked!

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