Keeping calm in a heist

This happens often in SA, video is not violent and there is no death. Guy has balls. Hope this is the right place to post these videos.

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reddit thread where i found it originally:

Dodging a cash-in-transit robbery. The man has balls of steel : nextfuckinglevel (


What a frickin boss!

Nicely done. His oppo could have been on the phone a bit quicker though lol.

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Thousand yard stare meets Baby Driver.

Hard to do under stress. Phones and writing I found the hardest.

I am surprised they don’t drive with eye protection.

I know but a job like that needs basic Sop’s and people that can apply them under pressure. The passenger should handle nav and comms so as soon as they come under contact he should punch up some sort of contact report to their HQ element.

I’m not ragging the bloke too much as it might have been his first time at being shot at and to his credit, he didn’t flap, he just waited for commands from the driver. Luckily, it didn’t appear to be the driver’s first rodeo.


Yeah, I think they need to invest in better comms. They shouldn’t be putzing around with a handheld cell while they’re in a combat situation. Just think if he dropped it?

Mrs. Rabbit could order a pizza, return a text message, and change XM to Howard Stern Radio in about ten seconds using Siri.

What the hell is it with people and their reliance on smartphones. Old tech.

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I know they use signal jammers during the heists, not sure if that has something to do with it. I’ve looked at things like stingrays used for intercepting cell phone traffic. I’m not too clued up with the jammers, not sure if it’s easier to jam standard radio over a cell signal. But I do know they jam signals during the heist.

Also these guys get hit often in South Africa, so I suspect there is a reason they did what they did, i don’t have the answers, will need to look into it. There is also the problem that there are guys within the police and the transit companies working with crime syndicates, which makes it even tougher. It’s one of the most dangerous jobs you can have in South Africa.

… and these are stats during lockdown not a normal year in a single province, not the country.

"Gauteng reduced the 17 community-reported crimes by 9.6%, above the 7.5% target in the province’s 2020/21 third quarter, according to the crime statistics report presented to the Gauteng legislature’s Portfolio Committee on Community Safety on Thursday.

This drop is largely because of the Covid-19 lockdown regulations. The report says when society returns to a certain level of normality, it will be a daunting task to expect the same levels of crime reduction.

However, cash-in-transit [CIT] heists had the highest increase, of more than 106%. In the reporting period, 31 cases were recorded, from 15 cases reported in 2019.

Contact crimes such as murder, 1,327 cases (up by 7.5%); attempted murder, 1,323 cases (up by 3.8%); assault with intent to cause grievous bodily harm, 11,762 cases (up by 4.4%); common assault, 13,873 cases (up by 0.4%); robbery, 4,185 cases (up by 12.9%) and sexual offences, 3,276 cases (up by 6%), also saw an increase from the same period in 2019."


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It’s a lot harder. You’d have to get a lot closer to the target.