July is Straight Humility Month


I don’t want to boast or anything, but we will be doing some average things to celebrate straight culture and some decidedly below par ones as well

I’d tell you more about it but I wouldn’t want you to think I was showing off

Please feel free to post pics of your Straight Humility March, but please be sure to avoid public areas, and keep numbers to three or less

Without sounding too hyperbolic, I hope you all enjoy Straight Humility month, but not too much because nobody likes a swaggering braggart

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Let’s not get over exuberant now

He’s using my usual trick: word association.

I studied under the master, and once the student is ready…

Right, claim credit for something else, LOL.

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How dare you, sir.
Where would this site, and really, the entire Internet, without Rabbit’s noted expertise in almost every area?
He has redefined, many domains, and indeed synthesized many of them, into new ones, entirely unrecognizable from their former definitions, bodies of knowledge, interpretation, and execution.

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I have to wonder exactly how much internet real estate Wabbit actually has a foot print on.

I hate to appear bombastic guys, but this is for humble straight celebration

Your homoerotic fixation with wabbit is best celebrated in a different thread

If you don’t mind me saying

I think you need to look up the root word of humility.

We need to humiliate each other for the whole month. This is the warm up routine. You know, to keep each other humble often by being the total opposite actions of humble people. It gets very confusing but it’s a tradition among menfolk to treat each other like shit. For democracy.

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Americans are shit at humility

He has a nice place.

I prefer svelte.

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Yeah, that’s why we shit on each other so much. How else are we going to keep the rest of the bastards down?

Jeez, it’s like you don’t know us at all.

Here I am enjoying my own Straight Humility Parade

But not too much

Bravo! to this humble straight white van driver


They’ve really pushed the boat out to support Straight Humility Month

images (1)

This guy gets it!


Another Straight Humility Month passes without recognition

Good work guys!

Nothing new for you then.

I endeavour to remain humble