July is officially Rizin month

June was pride month where we remembered the legends of Pride such as Fedor, Cro Cop, Sakuraba, Rampage, Big Nog, Wanderlei Silva, Shogun, Takanori Gomi, Hidehiko Yoshida, Dan Henderson, Mark Hunt, Coleman, Kerr, Josh Barnett, Heath Herring, Kevin Randleman, Sergei Kharitonov and others. Now in July we celebrate RIzin.

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Tomiki approves.


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That guy actually got Aikido to work.

I derailed my own thread just with my username alone.

Naw, just a small bump in the road. You brought Rizin to my attention.

I have some Tomiki experience via one of his more crazy students.

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For a second I thought this thread was about ricin.

There are a lot of extremely tough dudes in that list.

I’ve already called July for Straight Humility month

Get your own month to celebrate Rizin in

No, regular Aikido “works”.

Tomiki didn’t really get it to work any better. He had a larger plan in mind, and Tomiki Ryu was part of that specific plan.

Here you are, it’s just that it’s coming out of you, not somebody else.

I disagree that regular Aikido works.

Zero representation in Rizin, prove me wrong.

For Aikido to work, it is not necessary for it to be represented in Rizin.

I’ve had alot of exposure to regular Aikido and I find that comment so offensive.

Sorry I’m not used to using this forum. I’ve had alot of exposure to regular Aikido practioners and I find that comment really offensive.

Is this Pinkman?

I guess you are easily offended, then? Your avatar is so serious, please explain further?

So, your level of experience in Aikido is…


Who knows ? His pattern will show eventually if it is.

Try not to get too excited at the thought.

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