Joe Bidens CIA and FBI Agents live on telegram

Its going down. Boneface is being taken to trial by Blood Tribe and Ukraine. FBI and CIA involved.

Azov disavowed Boneface. Questioning document authenticity.

Its looking like the FBI sent a fake Azov guy and ran into the CIA.

Full Thug Shaker

CIA backs FBI.

CIA hints Azov may kill Boneface. Most likely to do so.

Intel speaking.

Man shot to death.

Informant killed

CIA disavowed asset and FBI assest.

AK 47 shipment.

This is fucking cyberwarfare bitches.


Fucking FAFO fake ass nog.

I’m sure @W.Rabbit will be right on this situation, being the real darpa chief and all and a total Nazi hunter.

Now, anyone curious, I urge you to compare the 2.5 hour trial to the news articles about the Blood Tribe. See how different the articles are from the actual facts? In reality, the Blood Tribe is SO much more trouble, but youd have to pay attention to realize that. When you source your info from fake news, its like reading a wikipedia article to sum up Game of Thrones. Or watching Season 8. You’re gonna get a watered down story designed for a three year old to recognize his favorite characters. Thats why its always Trump or Biden making the moves. Big names. Big faces. Big money. Other people still make critical maneuvers that only make sense in context.

Also, this is the sort of space intel agents on all sides operate in. Everyones think of Rabbit types in a fancy office, but its more like the drunk guy at your local white power meeting. Or your methead Antifa walking out of the woods looking mad homeless with a backpack full of surveillance gear and meth. Its not gonna be clean cut professionals.

The trial:

To understand and explore any network,you actually have to listen to the details of their bullshit.

X Men would be a good example of this. Why would anyone have a problem with Cyclops? At face value, great guy. True hero. Meanwhile, if you actually pay any attention, he’s a questionable leader.

Part 2 of the Boneface trial:

@W.Rabbit I see you. Maybe you can learn something and get out of the stone age. Maybe some BJJ would help you too, so you can learn actual strategy. Cause normally if I wanted you to fix your steez I’d tell you to do jiujitsu with your computer. But you dont know jiujitsu, so…

You know, the irony of your post is not lost on me.

You are like Neo, not sleeping and seeking out bullshit on your puter. I’m sure you stare long into meaningless graphs.

I am like the Oracle, an intuitive program. I end wars, enlighten minds, and die over and over and over. Like Tom Cruise.

You don’t see anything, because sight blinds the mind. Kung Fu 101.

Are you on meth?