JK Rowling's house and person being stalked by Trans Movement Demanders

I have presented the data in another thread

The odds favour the perpetrator

False, from a statistical point of view.
That is a popular narrative, not something that is statistically supported.

Sexual assaults are common.

And false accusations of sexual assault are common.

Out of rape accusations in the U.S., the FBI numbers state:

2.8% have enough proof of sexual assault to prosecute,

and 8% are proven to be false claims through admissions of guilt of false accusation or proof of same.

So, 8% is the minimum percentage of sexual assault claims that are false,

And 2.8% of sexual assault claims have enough evidence to successfully prosecute,

and the remaining percentage of sexual assault claims are true or false,

but no one really knows how that remaining percentage divides.

The correct statistical statement is 89.2% of sexual assault claims (in the United States) cannot be proven to be true or to be false.

And no one knows what the real ratios really are, and can only make speculative opinion statements, or guesses, on same.

like I said, I’ve been through these numbers before

Most rapists are unlikely to see the inside of a court let alone a penitentiary

Well, in order to identify the suspect…

And to have accurate data…

A trans-[person with cock n balls isn’t a trans person…

Don’t even try to explain statistics to him.

It’s a waste of time.

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How would it play out if suspect gave an alias instead of the name on their birth certificate?

The cops usually figure that out…pretty quickly.


They investigate and correct then record as necessary

Just as they would most likely do with erroneous claims of gender

Storm in tea cup

I don’t think surgery is necessary to identify as a non cis gender

LOL, well, the probably just don’t want to “check under the hood”.

Biological sex, as in identifying a person, not their fantasy.

That is true of false accusers as well.
And does not make your point regardless.

Your hair splitting is silly

You do not have the ability to understand what he is writing, that’s the problem.


So a trans man has a cock and balls through surgery

Are they still a woman despite having cock and balls?

Ah, so, testicle transplants are part of that process?

Nope, didn’t think so.

Yes, they are still biologically female.

To be clear here, I’m not against people who feel they need to “transition” transitioning. If a person thinks that is what they need to be happier human, go for it.

But I’m not going to think they are anything but cosmetically altered biologically, at least.

Athletically, which is the real topic here, rules need to be in place to ensure fairness in competition. those rules are evolving and will continue to hopefully be refined as more data and research take place.

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There is this concept called skin in the game. And it relies on preserving a specific narrative.