Investigations 2: Literally the Boogaloo

Anyone trying to get down with the get down? As Bullshido’s least trusted, most effective, and nationally renowned investigator, I have a desk full of um, let us say, “martial arts incidents”; that require investigation all over the country.

Right now there are two major investigations open, one open to anyone qualified, the other requiring vetting. DM me to get onboard.

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I still remember the one you tried to pull about some wealthy, white, connected woman in Judo getting death threats to her daughter over some national judo political bullshit.

I tried to pull? People just come up with shit and I bring it back here. I don’t “pull” shit. Why would I invent a caper in an art I’m not deeply connected in where I don’t have any leads? That’s a weird accusation.

There was definitely some shady looking shit with that mat manufacturer and some real estate deals, but no smoking gun. I begged off.

Sure. My main point is that I clearly didnt arrange that one. I just brought it back.

I don’t remember who brought that one in, but I do recall some intense and sincere interest behind the scenes. I spent about a week on it.

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I did. Just saying I wasnt involved with the incident, nor did I make up the report or the associated lawsuit. I’m saying its not something I “pulled”. Its something I reported and there’s a difference.

Anyways, what’s being offered here is a chance to assist with high level investigations should you be interested, because I believe that there are parties on bullshido with the requisite skill set.

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Right, you are/were so connected to the national judo political bullshit.

It was a real scandal, for sure. The death threats thing tho…
Never substantiated.

The lady in question is quite wealthy and fully capable of defending herself.

The idea that @Osiris was somehow deeply in the know was laughable.

Frankly, I don’t believe you are involved in any high-level investigations.

I never said that?

I never claimed that. She came to me.

I’m sure she did.

Doesn’t matter what you believe. You don’t know who I am or what I do.

Why would I go to her? I dont do judo politics.

I agree with that whole-heartedly.

And if I play my cards right, you never will. For the rest of you, investigations is open, and man, has 2020 been a doozy.

Believe me, I have no interest in getting lost in your fantasy world.

BTW, did you do get that situation you got into at that hospital, with the security guards resolved?

My fantasy world? You realize I don’t make up the incidents around me, right? Which part of 2020 did I make up?

Anyways, funny thing about that. Turns out forensics confirmed my identity and about half the guards confirned the story. So they let me loose.

You may be wondering how I ended up a top investigator. It’s because my info always checks out.