I told you this was fraud

First comp ever and at world’s but my entire family and life was destroyed over “quality control”? Umm… You sure they didn’t just want free money?

Yeah, seems kinda sketchy…

At the end of the day it’s about creating passive income for instructors. The average BJJ program only brings in about 7k a month. Split that in half and now you have 3.5k. Gym then pays you like 1600. So you’re talking 1600+ privates. So what’s an instructor to do? Get a day job? No, sell affiliation packages for passive income. So these guys lock up and coming instructors out of the higher ranks until they purchase an affiliation. If you can get just 5 affiliates, and they don’t have to be local because you aren’t ACTUALLY affiliated, now you have an additional thousand per month that you don’t even have to work for. Then you can also sell them branded merchandise and force the purchase of one seminar per year. That’s what happened, not something shady with my career.

It also doesn’t cost 2k for quality control or anything at all. They could’ve just checked competition records or asked someone. The attack on my reputation was both retaliatory and a part of covering it up since they said the quiet part out loud. Easier to fool people if they present me as having legit hallucinated stuff. That aggression helped let people ignore the clear and blatant evidence of both Carlos actual nature and of that specific crime.

I’m not following exactly. This individual competed for the first time at worlds and lost. Are they teaching somewhere or something?

No. I’m saying the IBJJF and their membership committed fraud. They tried to defraud me out of 2k and then claimed it was about protecting the integrity of the competition by only admitting the top competition and that the organization was so elite that I’d be fucking up the art. In reality anyone who’s affiliation is paid up can enter. They aren’t elite grapplers, they’re the same people, literally, that you’d see at NAGA or grapplers quest.

Thanks for clarifying. I’m following now.

Sure, it’s all kind of a pyramid scheme, of sorts. That’s been obvious for a rather long time.

Or something like that, maybe the wrong word.

IBBJF is a private, for profit business, as often and previously stated.

At your age we let spelling errors go.

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Ok, and when you cheat people out of their money for a profit that is called “fraud”.

OK, fair enough