I don't want to cut my hair

I stopped going to martial art classes because of covid for two years and my already long hair has gotten longer. I was rolling with people and my hair was getting in peoples faces. No one complained to me about it but I don’t want to be an asshole and smother people with my hair. I’ve been growing my hair for 22 years. I really don’t want to cut it. When my cousin braided my dreadlocks they were stiff and didn’t roll over. I braided my hair myself and it stayed in place. If I braid my hair and it doesn’t work I’ll just have to cut my losses and cut my hair.

The only issue i ever found was i couldn’t get my arm around their neck easily.

Long hair is a liability

I’ve rolled with plenty of people who had long hair. It was minorly annoying sometimes, but nothing worth even mentioning.

If you’re good with the inconvenience and risk on your end, I don’t see why you couldn’t keep it if you wanted.

The dreadlocked man i trained with was a rasta so he sort of had to.

he sort of had to do what?

Have long hair. Its a rasta thing apparently.

Ask your female team mates for advice on putting your hair up

Don’t be creepy about it

There is the issue of accidentally eating bits of their hair.
Or having to spit it out, when it finds it’s way into your mouth.

Learning the braid should be part of a coaching certificate.

I think it is just a french braid but i am not sure.


Ill try the french braids that you posted.


Post pics .

I’m so happy. I braided my hair before class and it didn’t slap anyone in the face while I was rolling or doing drills.