How is your training going: An open discussion topic since I don't think we have one right now?

Am I stinky, or going to get stinky because of this?

I stink, therefore I am?

What kind of stink are we talking about, here?
It’s bad enough, that I am getting old, and probably have old person stink.
What other stinks, am I going to be giving off?
God damned it…

I bet the extra 30 pounds helps with the earthbending.

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sees Toph X reader when clicking the link

Ok so that gif showed a link when I loaded up bullshido to it’s source, which links it to google showing it comes from a ‘toph x reader’ fanfic.

‘x’ fanfics are typically romantic fanfics with ‘x reader’ stuff often veering into romantic/sexual fantasy content… which given Toph’s age in the depicted gif… yikes on bikes

Random image I grabbed didn’t even work so I found another.

I was kidding. I know and predate all net slang. I’ve been avoiding Smurf and XFiles shippers online since before the Web had graphics, and all the fanfic was on USENET right next to the chunked MIME encoded binaries that would eventually become…

The fact I havent listened to Avenue Q for a decade at least and still remember this song off by heart is amazing.

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I fight for the users.

Failed my 7 dan exam last December but got some very positive feedback and one of the judges I respect the most passed me. I think I have a solid shot if I can fix a couple of things for this November.


Training has been basically non-existent the last month. Between a nasty infection (not related to BJJ surprisingly) and a big construction project, I just haven’t had time. I did hit the weights this week and that has been sad.


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Ive taken a few weeks off other than weights and conditioning while i do a business planning workshop for artists and learned more about management. Im returning to Judo next week when classes resume.

Im also breaking down where I want to travel and train on a priority list for the next few years.

Thailand: looking at Muay Thai, possibly supplementing with Krabi Krabong if i can find a place. If it ends up being Tiger, I’ll definitely do MMA while out there.
China: An Family run Sanda and Bajiquan, would happily do that
Japan: visit the kodokan for Judo, may hop over to Okinawa for some Kobudo if I have the cash spare
China (again): once my dog does eventually die, I intend to take 3 months to go to Chenjiagou and study on the 3 month Chen TaiJi intensive, if only to have a bit of a sabatical break to clear my head.

Ive got some short terms ones as well, like the Genghis Kahn experience in mongolia where you can learn Bohk wrestling and horseback archery on a steppe based bushcraft experience. There’s also Hong Kong, where I know the Tongbei Pigua guys also teach weapons, applied Bagua, Xingyi and Taiji and some shuai jiao from my conversations with them.

Currently my goal is to get my Judo coaching qualifications done in the next 2 years and be looking to set myself up to teach. Ideally take my strength and conditioning coaching and offer it to students at a combined martial arts gym and build a community, if comps become a thing, I’ll ensure their training is as good as can be on and off the mat so they have the best odds of doing well.