Holy Shit He Kung Fued Him

Dude, can you warn people with a tag or something before you show a murder? Thanks man, this is not my idea of a recreational viewing.


Do you know any context for this incident?

Totally fake.

Fake muzzle flash.

Fake witness response.

All that fake “hold year ears” acting.

And nobody is wearing a mask, suggesting this collection of individuals is not at all random.

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This dude casually sits back down at the bar to finish his drink.


How can you be so sure?

Shooter returned to pay for his drink

Which was nice

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How can you miss at that range? But yeah, my bet is on some type of RBSD video.

Watch closely, the guy who gets “shot” actually pulls the weapon. The “gunman” does a foot sweep, immediately attains the firearm, and empties the clip.

Holding the ears part was a nice touch, but look closer. Nobody is really suffering tinnitus.


The aftermath was like a Hogarth

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