Healthy Masculinity: The Thread

We have the other thread, to share examples of unhealthy, “Toxic” masculinity. Use this one to share good examples whenever you stumble upon them as you traverse the fetid swamps of social media.




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Unironically. If you’re too insecure in your masculinity to even fuck around and do dumb shit for fun, out of fear of someone taking it seriously and thinking you’re less-masculine, you’re already less-masculine.

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If I’m right there was an article on here a bit ago about how the apes with the smallest testicles make the most noise, and the fear of being percieved as ‘not manly enough’ or not ‘feminine’ enough and how hard people try to play into that out of insecurity confuses me.

The performative elements of society are as absurd as my situation as a queer person.


Da fuck is this?

A tea party.


Yup. ‘Empty vessels make the most noise’. As a straight guy, I don’t get it either.

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Why is he dressed like that?

To play with his daughter who clearly has no friends. Jeez man, don’t you have any sympathy for friendless 6 year olds? First grade is a jungle.

I had few friends, but I don’t recall my mom dressed like pac taking pics for the neighbors.

I’m sorry for the lack of diversity in your childhood experiences.


There are photos somewhere of me in my in makeup of my daughter’s doing. Not pretty but it made her day.

I lived on.

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Who drinks 5% ABV beer?

Germans probably.

VB is 5%


And this is why if I go on a night out I find the cocktail bars to be better places for both drinking and socialising.

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