Greatest fights in the history of combat sports

In no particular order, post your picks for the best fights in history.

The War, 1985

Middleweight fight between Marvelous Marvin Hagler vs Thomas Hearns.

This is one of the most brutal examples of skill, talent and ruthless determination displayed in a televised professional boxing match.

These men showed enough viciousness in the first round to account for an entire career.

Hagler eats some of the biggest punches of his career in this slugfest and keeps back for more. Hearns dominates Hagler’s defense from the outside and Haggler returns the favor as a butcher on the inside in the corners.

They foul each other repeatedly. There’s so much going on the ref’s calls for low blows barely register and if he said anything about the elbows or warnings on the clench I don’t think they were listening. Even the low resolution broadcast TV images can clearly capture the way these two men mauled each other.

Wow, what a fight. 36 yeas later one of the best examples of why people pay the big bucks for ringside seats.

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I can’t believe I missed it. Hagler and Leonard were the subject of many nights conversation and speculation in my household. Hagler especially.

Rest in peace, Marvelous Marvin Hagler. March 13th, 2021

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Would this be the fight that was the start of the end of shiny pants kickboxing.

And completely changed the landscape of standing striking.


Wow, the announcers really just disrespected Chang the entire time from what I heard. They kept saying he’d never been hit hard and wasn’t used to power etc but Chang had probably been eating elbows in training since he was young.

If Chang had been allowed to the full arsenal I think that first round would have looked a whole hell of a lot different too. Saying your fighting training is superior and then banning huge parts of the other guy’s arsenal was a pretty shitty dick move. Thank Jebus for the UFC.

That early Ali v Inoki exhibition fight with jujitsu v. boxing was the same kind of garbage too. Just painful to watch and the commentary was even worse. Completely unfair and disrespectful to the visiting athlete. Poor sportsmanship made worse by ignorant announcers and unfair rulesets.

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Yeah, that’s some bullshit there. Our art is superior and we will prove it. Oh yeah, you can’t elbow, knee, or clinch.


Foreman vs Ali,
The Rumble in the Jungle
WBC heavyweight division title bout
October 30th, 1974

Ali, the Greatest of All Time, is near the end of his long career and he’s facing one of boxing’s hardest hitting heavyweigt champions of all time, a young George Foreman in his prime. Foreman was knocking out big bad dudes left and right.

Bonus treat, Joe Frazier ringside with the announcers. Very cool.

Not one of the greatest of all time, but definitely one of the most enjoyable in recent memory.

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This one was kind of fun. It was probably the hey day of kickboxing. It was billed as the fight between Turkish and Greek culture in Australia.

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Wow, I forgot how 90s entertainment could be dorky.

They were really laying in thick before the fight. There’s no reason to yell into the mic before people have even touched gloves.

For a second there I thought the national anthem for Australia was the theme song to Top Gun.

The 90s were a weird time.

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Yeah. And that was so 90s. As close to a van damme movie as the Australian Mafia could get.

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Yeah. It was like a checklist.

Cute girl with patriotic themes, see through tiny black bimbo dress over bright white thong, off key singing and bad synth music.

If you took scenes out of that and tried to get people to guess if it was the beginning of a 90s action movie, a porno or a real fight I bet the man on the street couldn’t tell the difference.

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I’m very impressed with the speed of both of those fighters so far. I thought the fight footage was sped up at one point. Great athletes.

They were the two best guys in Australia at the time.

Stan longinidis fought an beat Dennis Alexio from kickboxer fame.

Having a look. He basically fought everyone.

Wow. He didn’t just beat him. He broke his leg in the first 10 seconds. Brutal. I watched that clip. None too apologetic about it either. Alexio didn’t even realize it was broken until his nervous system finally let the signal from his screaming nerves through.

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I love the cameos that these fights have. So one of the announcers is Richard Norton. Who appears in almost every movie but in a stan Lee fashion.

Famous Australian karate guy.

Otherwise you can train at Stan’s gym if you are in Australia.

The other announcemer is Mark Castanidi who has a gym about a kilometre away.

Where I train when I am in Melbourne.

I just checked. Richard Norton is still going as well.