Fragile Masculinity: The Thread

This, is a trap.

To be fair, it’s not wrong.

Woof, this is an actual article someone was paid to write:

What are the 60% who favoured science. Favouring it over?

The other 40% are wizards


I just wanted to re-emphasize how good a post this is/was.

Nothing like building yourself up by tearing others down.

oops, been a while…

“That would require the title of this thread to be changed.
I think a better solution would be to make fun of the people who are so stupid and sexist, that they don’t realize that the phrase “fragile masculinity”, and “toxic masculinity” are just as sexist as misogynistic comments.
One does not oppose sexism with more sexism, nor does one oppose racism by making racist stereotypes.
Then again, humor may oppose both, when used ironically, satirically, and with the purpose of reminding us all, that all humans of every sex type, and race, and ethnicity are ridiculous, and tribalistic.
Give no one a pass, make fun of everyone, and everything, and call all people who are truly being ugly, what they are, whether they are being sexist towards women, or men, or people of any race or ethnicity.
But, let’s not throw out laugher, and humor, because the singularity, and the robots coming, will surely take care of that, when they displace us, or discontinue us, or we finally discontinue ourselves.”

Also, reposting fake, photo shopped bullshit, in order to make fun of fake stuff is hilarious.