Fragile Masculinity: The Thread

So getting dating advice from cruel intentions 2?

This is the story I heard

The old law in Scotland was, if a man had sex with a woman within an hour of her riding a horse , he could be tried for rape, as she couldn’t give consent due to the erousel of horse riding

It could be urban myth however

Long term, riding bikes is detrimental to female gonads , but you can get vagina friendly seats

Female gonads are a bit further up in the torso from anywhere they’d come in contact with a bicycle seat though.

Cauliflower labia?

People who feel like that aren’t all losers. There are a lot of absolutely trash ass haters out there and its necessary to remember that so you can still achieve amongst them.

I do like making a meme.

Didn’t they show the quality of research isn’t easily verifiable? And so considering bias is probably a wise investment.

They showed that many of the top gender study and psychology academic journals will publish articles without rigorous diligence, or fact checking, in their peer review process, if the articles follow certain lines of narrative bias.

So yes. Basically.

Bias in those academic journals, yes.
But I don’t think that was what you were saying?

If there is bias in academic journals then the quality of academic research isn’t easily verifiable.

That was their point…
My goodness.

But you don’t consider bias because academic research is easily verifiable?

Don’t bother Greg

It’s pointless

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That’s pretty homo erotic

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Fuck my man titts?