For sage advise, ask jnp

You have questions. I have answers. As the resident sage of Bullshido, I have the accumulated wisdom of a used toilet paper roll. Thus, I am uniquely qualified to blather on like a half baked clam.

So pose your questions. I promise to be semi-helpful every other Sunday, during leap year only. Fire away!

That’s a metaphor people. Don’t shoot me.


gentle mocking

this 20 character thing is annoying

Clearly you are in crises. I recommend watching 10 hours of comedy to shore up that desiccated sense of humor.

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What is the secret to drop seoinage, o wise one?

Should I invest time and energy into becoming good with toe holds?

There are no shortcuts. Nothing but hard work and time spent practicing will result in improvement.

Also, I recommend you ask someone who actually knows what they’re talking about when it comes to Judo, like BKR.


Absolutely. Do not neglect any aspect of the ground game. However, avoid training this technique with people who have a foot fetish. Trust me on this one.

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If you can get your children to replace your TP roll, I will bow down and call you master.

Note: This is illegal in China.

Last year, when my grandpa was in hospice, I had to wipe his ass. Count your blessings.


Yep. I went to visit my grandad when he was at the end of his time and I had to help change his diaper. I was like, why TF am I being tasked with this. Afterward my Nana said, I knew I could ask you because you could handle it better than the others. I thought it was some kind of compliment, but now I’m pretty sure she tricked me pretty good.


Okay, answer me this. What is the best use of sage in cooking? Would you put it in a pie?

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Are you going to Scarborough fair?

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Only if I have Rosemary and Thyme with me. Rosemary is a FREAK!


A savory pie, yes. A sweet pie, no.

The best use of sage is in the bedroom with an enthusiastic partner. I’ll let you work out the details.

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Have gone with the family every year before 2020.

We smoked tea when we ran out of tobakky.

Grandfather told me they smoked mustang grape leaves during WW2 during shortages.

How can I not have to use facebook to sign in .

I had to reactivate that shite just to log in and it is causing me all manner of anxiety and panic.

Ok, ask me anything besides computer/tech related questions.

I’m so tech challenged that I had to hire a Rhesus monkey to bang out my responses on the keyboard, and the fruit overhead is killing me.

Ok here goes, Given that the universe is infinite and that energy can neither be created or destroyed which causes humanity the most harm :

  1. A Macdonalds Quarterpounder

  2. A hot dog from a new york street vendor

  3. Women