Florida Man Attempts to End Journalism

I’m still formulating my own sick, assuming this is truthy. Opening the floor for conversation.

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The great thing about Florida, is just as the Florida Governor will tell any sitting US President to piss off,
When the US President overreaches,
so too, will the Florida Sheriffs tell the Florida Governor to piss off,
When the Florida Governor overreaches,
and the Florida people are not shy about telling any of all of them to piss off,
When the government overreaches.
Florida is hot, has alligators, sharks, and a citizenry that has a tendency to not comply with government overreach.
If you like drugs, guns, and nice beaches, Florida is the place for you.

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BSO does not have a stellar reputation.

Different municipalities have different flavors.
That too, is part of the variance, diversity, and general non-conformity of the State.
Northern Florida is the South,
Southern Florida is the North,
Miami is the gateway to and from Latin American and the Caribbean,
And as you know, the Florida Keys might as well be a different country.
Then there are the swamps, citrus groves, farms, and cattle ranches, and really rural areas, where the people who live there, are generally their own police, and emergency medical services.
The whole State would revert to primordial swamp in 5 years or less, if the man made irrigation systems were not maintained.

I still regale the time SFWMD in cooperation with the ACOE decided to empty the lake, just ahead of the toughest drought we had experienced in our lifetimes.

That’s government for you.

Coincidentally, it’s Florida’s birthday as a State.
Happy Birthday, Florida!

Florida is actually a wonderful state, despite its populace. I guess I should give California that same exemption.

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I didn’t read anything about WHY the bill is deemed necessary? Seems like 1st Amendment rights are a huge issue. May just be some virtue signaling.

Regarding the part about bloggers, what the Bill is requiring is that bloggers who write blog posts about government officials must disclose if they were compensated to write those blog posts about the government officials, and who paid them to do so.
In other words, the Bill seems to seek to identify financial conflict of interest blog articles and paid shill blog articles.
If the blogger is not paid by a third party to write the blog post, they do not have to file the third party compensation blog post about government officials disclosure.
There is a similar Bill already in place, regarding lobbyists having to report who is paying them to do the lobbying to government officials.

OK, that makes more sense. I imagine it would get challenged on constitutional grounds, though. It’s direct speech, however, I see the logic now.

Florida gets to make it’s laws and go through the process, outrage,

Because the Republican battle plan only covers 1st Amendment shit when it aligns with their shitty 40 year bigotry crusade.

When they started trying to catalog and track Muslims 20 years ago, Americans were like “ok…”.

Now it’s anyone who likes rainbows.

What a bunch of dickless cucks.

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That’s not just Republicans.

President Obama expanded the indiscriminate warrentless or bogus warrant spying on domestic Americans more than any and all Presidents who preceded him.

They same can be said of President Bush Jr, but then President Obama came along and took the next level to the next level.

He droned a lot of innocent Muslims.

But that’s OK.


President Obama droned a lot of innocent Muslims, right?

But that was OK…


What exactly and specifically is harmed by political content producers being required to disclose politically motivated payments?

Disclosure of financial backing is potentially a chilling effect, under some interpretations of 1A. But, financial backing of political candidates is also a public concern, because who knows? Russians might use Facebook to get Trump elected.

(I’m submessenger, and I approved this message)

We are at the point where the chilling effect is on purpose and you just need to decide which side of that effect you want to be on: the one doing the chilling or the one getting chilled.

Not sure how much that has changed over the decades…

This is what the second amendment is for.