Florida Doctors: F*** the sick

Yes, I’m overplaying this, because yummy meat for conversation.

Doctors in Florida eschew their oaths because sick people are sick:

“Early in the morning before the start of their shifts, the doctors briefly stood outside and spoke against the high number of people in the Palm Beach area who refuse to get vaccinated.”

Doesn’t sound like they are ignoring their oaths at all. If they start refusing to treat the unvaccinated that come down with Covid, that would be a different story.

In all seriousness, and setting aside the fact that my empathy tank is completely empty at this point, people who are antivax are victims, manipulated by those much smarter than them for a political agenda they can’t possibly comprehend.


As I just pointed out in a PM, there is a larger percentage of Texans who are vaccinated than that of whom approve of Joe Biden’s job performance as POTUS. Seems like a win, to me.

Let’s not forget who was never going to take a “Trump,” vaccine. It wasn’t the Trumpsters… politicizing this was the worst possible move ever, and continuing to do so IS THE WORST POSSIBLE MOVE EVER. Fucking A, people.

Trump is telling people to get the vaccine now, and that he got it himself.

Old news:

That video was from a rally the other night. Newsmax seems to have muted out the boos from the audience, but he’s clearly responding to them.

Also, ignominious - why would he discourage people from getting the vaccines that he created with his bare hands?

His tiny, orange, spray-tanned hands…

Because his positions aren’t based on intrinsic values but on extrinsic motivation.

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Can you show me where he said that people shouldn’t get vaccinated? It’s probably in that same thread where he told people to raid Congress, if you’re having trouble finding it.

Didn’t Kamala Harris and Cuomo question the trust worthiness of a vaccine under the Trump administration as it Pfizer was somehow less trust worth under Trump but is now trust worthy under Biden.

You reap what you sow.

It is not so much intelligent vs less intelligent that is a rather arrogant and ignorant position to take the problem is allot of confused people.

Im in a Crypto group with some friends who are all privately and extremely well educated and now extremely wealthy yet if I was to post some of the shit they say about vaccines and covid you would swear they were the ones with no qualifications (thats me) .

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You’re mistaking what I said. If Trump could get the crowd to cheer for him saying “Scooby Doo with Matthew Lillard was a good movie”, he’d say that.

It’s literally what he did with “Drain the Swamp”.

Screen Shot 2016-11-10 at 11.39.58 AM

We know he’s a populist, and will say what benefits him most. In this case, his creating the vaccine benefits him most, so there’s no reason for him to ever say it was a bad idea, even if it turns out that we all die from the vaccine. It might be the best way for him to reclaim the Oval Office, actually (ooh, ouch, yes, I said that, and I hope it’s only slightly more true than Harris claiming the Oval Office, later this year).



Doctors threatening to withhold health care because people are dumb is reprehensible.

Except when you need to do emergency triage on people to determine the best use of limited resources and prioritize those with a greater chance of survival.

People who have been vaccinated have a greater chance of survival than those who have not.

That’s different, though. Prioritization in triage is critical to ensure the highest survival rates for everyone, regardless of the casualty.

Walking out and putting a political spin on “you need to get a vax, or else we won’t work,” is shitty behavior and virtue signaling.

He is not an evil genius fooling people less smart than him.

He is causing confusion among people of all intellects by spinning what sells as opposed to what is true or correct .

His adversaries are thus trying to un confuse everyone by automatically disagreeing with what he says which causes even more confusion when they have to back track.

We have the exact same bullshit over here only with less orange and less suicides .

I don’t think antivax profiteers (or any professional conspiracy theory peddler) are any smarter than regular antivax believers, they’re just less honest about this particular subject. Are dishonest used car salesmen any smarter than their customers? I doubt it. They just learned how to lie in a way on a certain subject that the public aren’t always prepared for.