Flatulence of the Zeitgeist: A Thread For Curating The Worst of Internet Fringe Discourse

(Grammar matters.)

“Opine” would be classier

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I don’t think you want to be submerged and have your baby come out in that water…

Gators and snakes and brain-eating ameobas, oh my!


Bike lanes are “abelist”.


There does seem to be a concerted effort by a bunch of idiots to make life more political than it needs to be.

I suggest you pump, then, @Phrost .

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It’s part of their identity.

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I’m not sure you’re tracking what this thread is for if you think that’s my post.

I’m not sure you are tracking my humor, then.

What other purpose do bike lanes serve? If you’re not riding a bike, you can’t use them.

Well maybe you can’t lmao