FINALLY back on track

When it rains it fucking pours. I’ve spent the last DECADE trying to recover from the IBJJF attack. Now I have more fun work than I can even do, enough grunt work to regain my savings and a dojo is basically begging to have me back. My phone is blowing up with people looking to get onboard with my businesses, and the frat parties are popping.

I’m literally crying with joy RN. I had no idea when things would get back on track.


That’s great news!

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This calls for a celebratory Prima Posta

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Happy for you.

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What happened?

My roommate had a baby and chaos ensued.

Essentially my housing got fucked and then refucked due to financial issues that occurred during the IBJJF situation. So I ended up on the streets, despite having actual money for once.

Anytime someone starts rearranging your life to suit their needs with callous disregard, you should start shooting, because someone else in your finances can put you in legitimately life threatening situations. Open your mind to homicide. I should be on parole for manslaughter, not essentially jobless, homeless and without family.

And geez, my whole life ruined so people could cover for a fake black belt. Ridiculous. WATCH A VINNY SOUZA MATCH. Come back and tell me that’s the real deal.

Glad to hear things are improving bud.

They are so not. As soon as I got money my housing went to shit. So now I’m couch surfing. Literally on the streets. And my clothes got stolen to boot. So I’m walking around town with the same clothes from all week, no money, and no place to sleep. I shoulda been dropping bodies well before things got this far.

I don’t see how people ever thought for a second that credit card fraud in the middle of my grading, followed by threats and extortion was funny, like somehow we were talking about monopoly money and cartoon characters? What the actual flying fuck was FUNNY?

And nor was it a tragic mental illness. I see 1600 dollars of fraudulent charges, I’m gonna say something and identify the person who tried to run the charges. Anyone would. Y’all pay fraudulent charges?

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Basically, I can’t afford to pay 200 a month for literally nothing, nor can I afford to get ripped off on an expensive and time consuming education, so my finances are fucked. Regardless of any opinion on me, the 2k demand was insane and abusive as was the follow up. Notice that Bullshido never let money become a factor in their judgements. That’s because we all know that money and grades don’t mix.