FDA approves the Pfizer COVID19 vaccine

The FDA gave the Pfizer vaccine full approval.

Maybe that will remove one objection to elective vaccination off the table.

And it may drive more vaccine requirements from employers, educational institutions, and government and such to participate in certain employment capacities, on campus student activities, travel services, etc., in the United States.


I think the big problem is that is Pfizer and many people including myself do not trust them.

I say that as somebody who has already had 2 Pfizer jabs but wanted the Astrazaneca.

Whilst I am happy that they are safe I am not happy they are the best and certainly do not trust Pfizer to be truthful about that.

Some peoples miss trust goes deeper and I cannot blame them for that.

Parent Company Name: Pfizer
Ownership Structure: publicly traded (ticker symbol PFE)
Headquartered in: New York
Major Industry: pharmaceuticals
Specific Industry: pharmaceuticals
Penalty total since 2000: $4,660,896,333
Number of records: 71
Top 5 Offense Groups (Groups Defined) Penalty Total Number of Records
healthcare-related offenses $3,373,675,000 10
government-contracting-related offenses $1,109,688,435 19
safety-related offenses $104,014,255 11
competition-related offenses $63,466,568 6
environment-related offenses $4,571,885 19

Top 5 Primary Offense Types Penalty Total Number of Records
off-label or unapproved promotion of medical products $3,373,675,000 10
False Claims Act and related $1,109,688,435 19
drug or medical equipment safety violation $103,840,000 5
Foreign Corrupt Practices Act $60,216,568 3
environmental violation $4,571,885 19


You don’t trust the company that gave the world viagra?
For shame.

My wife does



Well I got my third jab a week ago. Not gonna lie, I felt like I was on 420 holiday the next day.

Got my two oldest kids their first jab as well.


I’ll be getting mine soon, in September.

I was in Walmart and they were like, “come on in and get vaccinated”. I thought, hmmm, maybe that would work…

Late Ocotber for booster for me.

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Triple vaxxed, obviously.

Looks like only the most vulnerable will get the third jab here maybe 1% .

Still looking unlikey for kids too .

Talk is that they will stop testing people soon like Germany are doing .

Only if they are in hospital .

I think they are essentially saying everyone is going to get it now so get your jabs to avoid hospitalisation and death as much as possible but the likelihood of not getting infected at some point is almost zero so no point keep trying to control the spread because the vaccines have taken a large amount of sting out of the tale .

If it can take a double vaxxed Oscar de la Hoya down when he’s in fight shape, that 3rd poke may not be a half bad idea. He’s not a young guy anymore but even at that age he’s probably a better athlete than 98% of the population. He’s an 11 time world champ. Probably has lungs and a heart like a race horse.

I’m more concerned about long covid than the disease itself

That shit could come back and bite us on the bum in unpredictable and unpleasant ways

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At that level though, even a 5% decrease in lung function is enough to lose any competitive edge keeping you at that level. And this fucking thing wrecks your lung tissue.


Ground glass opacity. Fluid naturally filling the spaces that were gouged out by the virus. Instant emphysema, just add COVID and incubate for 6 to 8 weeks at body temperature.

That’s pretty nasty shit alright.

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