FBI whistleblowers: what their disclosures indicate about the politicization of the FBI and justice department


Well, speaking of political documents.

Interesting read, once you get into it, though.

Separating wheat from the chaff, so to speak.

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It does a pretty good job of laying out the case that the FBI is a partisan organization. One might say a secret police organization even. The IC agencies tended to be pretty factional and I’m not surprised to see the FBI trying to centralize.

The irony is Trump tried to do the same thing with it, and the DOJ.

Glad he failed, but I’m not optimistic anything will be done about the case laid out in the subject report.

Schedule F would have done much more than that, it would have dismantled the administrative state and made it subordinate to the POTUS again.

Of course not. The administrative state would never allow even the threat of that to happen again. If anyone running for POTUS ever brought up Schedule F again I wouldn’t be surprised if they sent an MK Ultra personal trainer after them like they did Kanye. At this point it requires a real Stalin style purge to actually get it done. There is no more Curtis Yarvin style “Retire All Government Employees”, we are beyond that point.

Yeah, it would have. Good thing it failed.

Probably the desired effect anyway. Clear the way for going to war with enemies.

So you want the administrative state to be able to tell the Commander in Chief to go fuck himself when he directs them?

With whose enemies exactly?

I think there needs to be some positive changes, for sure.

Not to the extent of the failed plan you seem to be enamored of, though.

That is a general reference to the “friends/enemies” stuff people spew from Schmitt.

What changes then? Do you know what Schedule F was meant to do?

So you see their enemies as your own enemies? Honest question, many of our fellow Americans do have the same politics as the FBI and CIA and they tend to be Liberal.

You already described it in another post.

I don’t operate on the “friend/enemy” false dichotomy in the realm of politics.

Then what change do you think can happen when the administrative state is untouchable and can just tell you to fuck off if you try and “reform” it?

Is it really a false dichotomy when everyone but you is rewarding their friends and trying to punish their enemies? What you’re really saying is that you are fine with being politically marginalized.

Ah, the narrative again.

Ah, the narrative again

Your beliefs don’t make things true.

Reality doesn’t care about your perceptions of it.

You seem like you need more outside time.

There seem to be some exceptions to this.

Do you not know what the excepted service is?

You have brain worms.

You seem like you have too many chromosomes.