Facebook argues to court that their fact checkers are not claiming to express facts, just opinions

Facebook just argued to the courts that their fact checkers are not claiming what they are doing is stating facts, but rather expressing opinions.

This is a material claim, because stated opinions are not subject to defamation liability, but false allegations of facts are.

Facebook is again trying to have their cake and eat it, too.

In every way, Facebook went to great lengths to make their “fact checking” services appear as if they were claiming to assert facts, not opinions.

From election / vote influencing matters, to matters that might affect policy, to many other important matters.

There has to be a consequence, eventually, for this elaborate and Orwellian shell game that Facebook plays with the truth, and narratives it tries to control to the public, and attempts to side step defamation laws, etc., all the while claiming that they are not creating nor controlling the content they publish, but merely allow other parties to publish content, on their platform.

See Stosel v Facebook, Science Feedback, and Climate Feedback, page 2, line 8.

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