Expert help to expose BS

Need helo from an expert. Well, an associate of mine does. He needs forensic IP.

Was told that, I should seek out “W. Rabbit” here.

You out there?

No thread image posted, invoking the right of Prima Posta


@W.Rabbit does have a doctorate in BS. He might be encumbered, though. There’s a lot of us geeks, here.

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Oh for fuck sake.

This is clearly Wabbit shitposting with a sock puppet to make himself look good.


Seriously, why the fuck would they make a post looking for him when he’s all over every thread with the regular nonsense.

Let me educate you about virtue signalling…


Nope. It ain’t a shadow post. It’s serious.

My associate needs a forensic IP expert, I think relative to IP masking.

So, am trying to help another lawyer out.

And, since it is exposing bullshit, reckoned this the right place.

Plus, the expert would obviously be paid…

Epstein couldn’t afford a fucking belt?!?!?

Someone grew up w/o a pops.

So, okay. You’re wrong.

But, that’s kool.

Is Rabbit a McYid, like me too?

Is he a trial attorney? Not same person.

Just looking for an expert man, I mean, I think you’re a man.

Since you are soliciting, I don’t feel bad stepping up. PM me. I have testified as an expert witness in several trials, and have additional creds. Or, you can go with Rabbit. No skin off my back.

Epstein and his best bro was just the first photo I randomly swiped out of my phone. Such are the rules of Prima Posta.

So, I get that rule. I was just commenting on Epstein’s attire. Has shitloads of money…

But, no belt.

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Belts in the old days weren’t meant to express rank, but to keep your trousers in place.

If you’re not wabbit tell us a piece of information that only you would know and wabbit would never know


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Already did…

Pay closer attention.