Evolutionary BS thread

Here’s yet another reason why people can’t beat a chimpanzee in a fight.

Not only are they much stronger than you, they can gather and store visual information far, far faster than you can as well.

They may not make the optimal choice on what to do with the information they gather but you’ll never be faster, stronger or as immediately perceptive than they are in any endeavor. Any given chimpanzee can process and store information in their short term memory faster than all but the perhaps the quickest human minds. He just can’t store as much in his long term memory. His short term memory will beat yours no matter who you are or how long you train for it.

We tell ourselves that we’re the superior species only because we have a few extra bits that let us do a few things very well.

If someone ever breeds a chimpanzee or other great ape that can learn like we do, we’re all out of a job.

So are we the same as chimps or different?

Make up your damn mind already!!!

This is a fools choice. Are you and I the same or different? Make up your mind.

In that we are the same species and not chimps?


Our species makes us the same?

I find that insulting. How dare you appropriate my genetics for your filthy special bias.

You are creating artificial barriers to understanding. Yes, the species barrier is real. That only applies to what seperates our gene pools but not what unites them.

The artificial insistance that we cannot learn from the genetics of other species is a failure in your logic that I find a little frustrating to be honest.

You think that it matters that we have a seperate genepool so much that nothing that overlaps should be taken into account?

It is foolishness to assume such a haughty position on the subject of our existence. It is my belief that this artificially enforced misunderstanding of what puts us in position as an apex predator that is presently dooming our species to repeat the same mistakes over and over again.

You think we have nothing to learn from the biology of other creatures all around us? Are the other animals in the kingdom just there for cosmetics testing? We can derrive insulin from horses but we can’t learn about the nature of human cognition from chipanzees and gorillas?

Foolishness and arrogance of the lowest sort.

We may be the same species but we’ll never be the same as long as you limit your understanding to such arbitrary conventions.

I thought Planet of the Apes was a good film as well.

Believe it or not, I’ve never finished any of them and don’t enjoy them.

The differences in the behaviour of chimpanzees and humans are glaring and real. If you don’t want to acknowledge that than I can’t take this seriously.

Also, it’s cool that you find chimps interesting. They are pretty interesting.

But your bias is obvious. There are plenty of other animals that are faster, stronger and more perceptive than we are by biology. Why couldn’t they surpass both us and the chimps?

And why do all the above allow themselves to locked away in zoos for our entertainment?

The endgame here is obvious… you should become a veagan Dung.

Lest you accidentally end up eating our new soon to be masters.

You see some difference and act as though there is not similarity at all. You are picking at the edges of a thing and using that as proof that the center is rotten.

Master? I struggle to see the value of humanity in my fellow person, why should I stop at animals?

Your bias is in what you have imagined to exist in my mind.

From my perspective, you have it exactly backwards.

They surely could given enough time and humanity’s extinction from their environment but that’s not the point I’m making.

We are so close to the other primates biologically that we can learn from their biology driven behavior.

Instead of projecting what humanity imagines to exist, we must look at what exists in the physical world and in absence of abstract conjectures based on our feeble social conventions.

We are the prime species because we can model the potential of the world around us but that aspect of our mind has blinded all of us to more simple truths that can be immediately observed in our lives.

We are letting ourselves be guided by values we have projected onto ourselves artificially and living within the understanding that what we have imagined to be true must be the total summation of how our mind works.

Physical changes in the brain produce profound differences in in our behavior and they drive our survival in a group of ways that people seldom understand.

I’m not saying lower primates are superior to humanity, I am saying they are probably the most useful key to understanding what the human species actually is without the pollution of our overactive imagination and emotional weaknesses.

We are the product of our parts. If we can understand how the minds work for our closest relative species work electrochemically, mechanically, architecturally, model their function (because we cannot do that with our own species out of concern for bioethics) then we will have an invaluable tool in understanding humanity.

Seeing and understanding those differences in lower primate biology becomes a massive boon for insuring a better outcome for our species in the long term whether or not you project some tree hugger bullshit onto my system of beliefs.

The natural world hates all things except the vacuum. We are a race of microscopic plankton clinging to a mudball hurtling through space at thousands of miles per hour. Eventually we’re going to do something that fucks this tiny little space up and then we’re all going to go extinct. I’d rather that happen because of the heat death of our solar system than becasue we were too busy autofellating on the strength of our delusions.

The next time a tiger eats a man in the wild, I’d like someone to get a picture of if it and we can decide if he thinks the person was the superior species. Hell no. That person was just lunch. To the vacuum of space we’re not anything at all.

I have seen chimps fight .

Punching is hard but sloppy , don’t protect their
Chin and no ground game .

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So many assertions…

If you switched them to questions it would be more interesting from my point of view.

And then found research that developed good hypotheses based on your theorizing. Research that then developed and followed through on a good methodology to test these hypotheses, with the limitations in mind. And then arrived at good conclusions that bring even better questions.

I enjoy creative thinking because it is not a innate quality of mine to be overly good at it. But the work part in where the hammer meets the anvil. Is just as important.

Have you considered the limitations on chimpazee behavioural research dung.

Because you are studying chimps and not people. So even if you wanted to extend the conclusions of research on chimps to people there is a great number of differences you need to consider besides the similarities… so maybe you could run the same testing on people. And then you get different results probably because we have different behaviours and are not chimps… then if left up too you I guess those differences would just be swept under the rug and you would make the conclusion you wanted too at the start of the process anyway.

I am not a fan of chimps.
And many monkeys.
Filthy, and in many cases, dangerous.

There we agree. Chimpanzees and monkeys are fucking nuts. They have far less conscience than what we expect from our orderly domesticated society. Under the wrong circumstances they won’t hesitate to kill or mutilate a human with no regard or afterthought other than how our tissues tasted.

I like learning about the lower primates because they represent our shared genetic dynasty. Common ancestors that took a left instead of a sharp right on the evolutionary tree.

They aren’t our friends. They’re our ugly stupid mean and sometimes charming cousins that won’t think twice about playing a game or battering our brains out of our heads if they get the chance. All too human in either respect.

Jesus Christ, the projection with you.

What gave you the impression that I have not given this any thought or tthat I have come to the conclusion that primates are a perfect analog to humanity or somehow have some inherent morality that is superior to ours?

They are often vicious animals. All too often, so are people. The delusional explanations that humans give for their species bad behavior given the ready obviousness of more practical explanations is the center of my my focus.

They display some virtuous behavior at times but they also get pissed off over petty squables and eat each other. I don’t think I’m deluding myself into thinking what you think I’m thinking.