Do Missiles Real?

Hold onto your brain cells.

I also heard metal boats are fake

A lot of flat earther nonsense can be disproven with grade school science experiments.

This guy apparently never made a model rocket or even a paper airplane for that matter.

Clearly. Basic rocketry would only gloss over how to shoot something sideways, but FFS, its the fins.

Everyone should remember that a good number of these off the wall “skeptic” videos are actually trollbait, designed to monetize stupid videos in channels made by really desperate people living in their mother’s basement.

You can choose any topic you like. Serious topics like climate change or vaccines are avoided because of market saturation. But if you’re the one guy on the internet that makes the “missiles are FAKE” video, you’re going to get traffic from haters and believers alike, as you can see from reading the comments.

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I think the guy who made that video did not study science and probably thinks others did not as well. I disliked watching BS videos like that at first but seeing how there are a lot of those made me realize that there are just plenty of people like that after all -_-